Happy Monday!

Hello Sheffielders!

So I woke up this morning feeling pretty damn great (on a Monday?!), and decided I’d like nothing more than to make sure we all start the week on a high. So, with this in mind I thought I’d write a little note on one of the main joys I’ve found in my blogging ventures so far.

Alongside the fantastic support I’ve received from individuals, one of the best experiences I’ve had is the opportunity to speak to the brains behind the vast and diverse array of businesses and enterprise we have going on in our city. I, like a lot of people in life, am one of those who was never lucky enough to know what I wanted to do from a young age. School “careers” chats were always a painful “So, what do you think your strengths are? What do you enjoy doing?” followed by insert-fairly-random-slightly-relevant-career-here type of thing. So this in many ways makes it even more refreshing to speak to people who have taken the plunge and made what started off as an innocent thought or idea into a great, physical reality for people to enjoy. That’s something which I firmly believe should always be celebrated and appreciated, regardless of how big or small a business venture might turn out to be.

I’ll admit that although I would appreciate the atmosphere, the food/drink I’d be consuming or the goodies I’d be browsing through at these lovely local independents, I now find myself looking at these places in a whole new light, appreciating the little things that have all stemmed from one person’s vision- The rustic wooden interior of Zooby’s Fairtrade Coffee Bar or the vintage crockery served in Fancie, to list just a few examples (trust me, I could do this all day!).

Considering the, at times, brutal economic climate of the past few years it’s even more important than ever to support these individuals in their ventures, to ensure the longevity and prosperity of them in our city. The passion and thought that goes into these businesses I can honestly vouch for being second to none, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the chats I’ve had with business owners about their establishments. I once read that life is too short to not do a job you love, and though most of us cannot always live under such an optimistic saying these people are lucky enough to be the very epitome of it.

If you know of anything great, unusual or just pretty damn wonderful going on in our city, I want to hear about it! From local plays to petitions, charity walks to new businesses, I’ll always have time to listen so be sure to tweet me @thesheffielder or even drop me an email at thesheffielder@gmail.com … I have my email accounts on my iPhone too, absolutely lethal stuff as any other workaholic will know 😉

Since Of The Wild’s time in the Winter Gardens Pop Up Shop has sadly come to a close, they have been replaced by Invent Clothing– Some really funky looking designs, be sure to check them out if you’re passing through. Also with the conclusion of Chris Watson’s Sheffield Sound Map as mentioned in my last post, there’s set to be some really great new exhibitions coming in the very near future. On Thursday 3rd April comes “Recording Britain” and on Saturday 31st May “Yorkshire in Yellow” which will see a collaboration between Museums Sheffield and Made North to create the 100 days of art and culture that define the Yorkshire Festival 2014. Sounds pretty good to me.

I’m wishing everyone a wonderful rest of week, and fingers crossed the weather stays as mild and lovely as it has been of late. Dare I say Spring might be finally on its way!

Until next time,
The Sheffielder x

© The Sheffielder 2014

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