Salsa Wednesdays

Hey’up Sheffielders,

A couple of weeks ago, I’d never set foot into the lovely Bloo 88 before. Then out of the blue I found myself there on two consecutive nights, all in one week- Thursday night for my work Christmas do, and Wednesday night for Salsa Wednesdays (of course!).

I’d heard of Bloo 88 many times before through the grapevine- their 2-4-1 pizzas and cocktails leave little to be desired. But I found myself there on a dark, cold Wednesday night to bring a little culture into my life… to learn how to dance, and hopefully make a few new friends at the same time.

It can always be pretty daunting going to an event for the first time, even for the most confident. On this occasion I was lucky enough to of brought along a good friend of mine, but if you’ve always fancied attending the classes, please don’t be scared to go alone. Plenty of people had, and you’re so busy dancing you don’t have any time to spend joined at the hip of any acquaintances. Take the plunge and come along.

The classes themselves were well-taught and easy to follow. You start learning the routine step by step, switching partners in a circuit formation, until eventually running through the entire routine at the end. By that time, (and spurred on by a little alcohol) I was fairly convinced I’d been some sort of flamenco dancer in a previous life… though I’m not entirely sure the others would agree!

As for the whole getting up close and personal with strangers thing… if you’re not a fan of having your personal space invaded, salsa (and most dancing for that matter) probably isn’t for you. To be honest, apart from occasionally being paired with a rhythm lacking partner or the odd clammy hand (gross but inevitable) the whole experience really is an awful lot of fun. I went as I merely wanted to try something new, and it really did surpass all of my expectations.

So if your Wednesday nights are lacking a little rhythm and culture (who’s aren’t?) join me at Bloo 88 to party like the Cubans do.

Until next time,
H x


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