A review of Revolution Sheffield

Hey all!

How were your weekends? Mine was one of the best I’ve had in a while, and I’ll tell you why.

I had a super busy week at work, but the kind of busy that I love… the days flew by and when Friday came around I was tired yet satisfied with how well the week had gone. My boss had been on leave which left me in charge of all things marketing and comms, and it was great having that level of responsibility and knowing I could not only handle it but thrive in it as well.

So Friday night came, some of my friends came up to see me and a big group of us went out to one of my favourite nights now that I’m a working girl- Socialite Fridays at Crystal.

Missguided black tuxedo blazer dress, £40
Ability of club photography to turn you from brunette to ginger, £priceless

Fast-forward to Saturday morning and we were all, understandably, feeling a little worse for wear. But luckily, being the highly organised/top friend that I am I had arranged a menu review for me and four friends that I had been invited to by Revolution Sheffield*.

Now it’s not like I’m not a fan of burgers, chunky sandwiches and pizzas at the best of times but the added addition of a hangover made Revolutions new menu extremely appealing. Prior to my visit during the day I’d always associated it with more of a nice, dressy night-time place famed for their delicious cocktails, and being classier venue to go to pre-drink.

However being there in the day had a different vibe to it- there were groups of well-dressed girls and boys out for daytime drinks and food, and a baby shower party next door to us.

We were greeted with the delicious drinks menu where I opted for the “hair of the dog” approach (a vile yet effective concept) and had a salted caramel mudshake followed by an espresso martini- the former being basically an iced chocolate vodka cocktail and every bit as nice as it sounds.

The sandwiches and food to share platters looked great but I needed something to fill the void in my stomach, so opted for the smokin’ bacon beefburger with smoked cheddar, chorizo ketchup, streaky bacon, mayonnaise, smokinnaise, wotsits (random, I know), crispy onion, oh and garlic fries. Of course.

It tasted amazing! I really do feel like most places have upped their burger games of late. Go almost anywhere now and gone is the classic beefburger, and in comes the chorizo burger with grilled halloumi, avocado and other, sometimes controversial ingredients. Not that I’m complaining at all… call it a hipster takeover, but it’s a damn tasty one at that. The garlic fries were absolutely mouth-watering- I could have quite easily eaten another portion.

The burgers are priced at around £9-14 and come with chips and coleslaw, which I think is very reasonable. They also do 2-4-1 burgers on a Tuesday, which is a complete mid-week bargain in my opinion.

Next onto dessert- there seems to be some sort of rule in (well, my life anyway) whereby if someone offers you dessert, you simply can’t say no…

I went for the warm apple pie for a change from chocolate (I recently gave up all sugar except for in fruit for two weeks so am quite sensitive to the taste of sweet things now- blog post soon to come) but I ended up trying some of my friends brownies and sundaes which were delicious and sizable as well. It’s a tough job but a bloggers prerogative nonetheless!

I would like to extend a massive thank you to Revolution for inviting me and four of my friends down to review their new menu and treating us so well when we were there. The food was delicious and the cocktails second to none so as far as reasonably priced bar menus go, there’s is definitely a winner.

To celebrate the launch of their new menu and their 2-4-1 burgers every Tuesday Revolution are giving away 241 classic burgers on TUESDAY 26th April from 12-6pm for FREE so get yourselves down to sample the delights!

If you’re not free then but fancy giving them a try in the future, their food menu is new so be sure to give them your thoughts and feelings. 

They also do 2-4-1 burgers every Tuesday and a 15 minute food promise until 3pm during the week, so if your food is not served within 15 minutes the meal is on them. 

So no time like the present, eh!

Until next time,
Hannah x

*Myself and four friends were very kindly gifted with a main meal, dessert and drinks each by Revolution Sheffield for the purpose of review. All views stated are, as always, my own.


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