Massages at Heaven Scent Dronfield

Happy mid-week everyone!

On a grim, rainy and utterly horrible day like today I felt it was my duty to share some positive vibes on my latest post.

A few weeks back on a sunny Sunday morning I made my way to Heaven Scent Dronfield, a newly established massage business ran by Julie Barker. With all 5* ratings on Facebook and an offer on for bloggers*, I couldn’t wait to go for some well needed down time.

Now I’m no stranger to a good massage- I’ll happily spend some money on one every now and again as they’re a great way to unwind and relax at the hands of (if you’ll pardon the pun) a trained therapist.

Not only are they super enjoyable but they’re important for stress relief, reducing tension in the body, improving circulation and stimulating the lymphatic system (that’s getting rid of unwanted bodily toxins, to you and me).

Julie invited me in for a pre-treatment chat and cup of peppermint tea (earning brownie points already) which was actually an in-dept client interview to assess the best course of treatment for me.

Questions asked included things like rating your current stress levels, quality of sleep and any health issues you’ve had over the past few months.

What shocked me the most is that Julie explained the piece of documentation she was filling in is actually a legally required document, and of all my prior massages I’d never been asked to fill out one of these before.

There’s clearly some very bad practice going on among massage therapists, and one you should definitely address should yours ignore this vital part of your treatment. 

By not following proper procedure not only could you risk yourself by having say, a slipped disk in the past or tender scarring on your body aggravated, but the therapist would be legally responsible should it happen.

What is lovely about Julie is how welcoming and receptive she is – as I explained that I like my massages to be more relaxing than functional (I’m not really a sports or Swedish massage kinda girl- I have a low pain threshold so they’re no good for me!) she said she instinctively thought this might be the case, and offered me a full-body aromatherapy massage with a choice of oils.

I opted for a delicious smelling grape seed oil, and made my way into the treatment room in Julie’s home to get changed and relaxed under the warm toweled bed to a soundtrack of beach waves- bliss!

The 60 minute massage went by in a flash- despite having a lie in that day I probably could have fallen asleep! My favorite part of full-body massages has to be the shoulders and back, and Julie did an amazing job of soothing out any tension that had built up during the week, as well as a large knot on my left side. That was my only one thankfully, and it’s not causing me any noticeable pain but it’ll need a session in itself to be fully worked out.

Overall the massage was done amazingly, and I’d definitely go back for another session. At £35 for an hour long full body massage the prices are very reasonable, and Julie is often doing special offers as detailed on the Heaven Scent Dronfield Facebook page. In May for example, it’s just £20 for a full body massage and she runs a monthly competition to win a massage for free, too.

In the meantime, I’ll be adding to Heaven Scent Dronfield’s 5*s with another sterling review.

Hannah x

*I was kindly gifted a full body aromatherapy massage at Heaven Scent Dronfield in exchange for a review. All views stated are, as always, my own.


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