Westfield Health Walking Lunch Campaign – Week 1

Hey everyone!

So here’s a quick Q for you- did you all know that a mere 25 minutes of walking a day is scientifically proven to add up to seven years onto your life? 

Well me neither. Not until last September, anyway.

I found out whilst doing some research on behalf of a client, and at the time I was walking for an hour a day as part of my commute. This newly acquired knowledge made my walk to the station that day feel all the sweeter.

But fast forward half a year and my new workplace sees me catching the bus- I’m faced with the choice of a 25 minute walk up a steep hill, or a ten minute hop on a bus… I hope you won’t judge too me harshly when I say that my yawning, morning self usually opts for the latter option!

But when I was approached recently with a campaign concept that would challenge this lazy habit of mine, I thought it a great opportunity to change my life and improve my health. 

So without further ado, let me introduce you to the Westfield Health Walking Lunch Campaign!

Over the next four weeks I shall be tracking my steps and progress via my Westfield Health pedometer, and hopefully reaping the benefits of just adding a little extra activity into my working day.

I’m excited to share my progress with you all- keep a look out for the hashtag #WHWalkingLunch on Twitter which will keep you in the loop on my progress.

The official start to the campaign for member of the public is the month of May, so if you too would like to get involved visit the Westfield Health Walking Lunch Campaign website to find out more.

Until next time,
H x

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