The Westfield Health Walking Lunch Campaign – Week 4


So firstly, what an EARTH has happened to the weather this week?

I am certainly not complaining but it looks like we’re in the midst of Summer so we’d better enjoy these 5, 6 days of it!

This week has been the final of my month long campaign in collaboration with Westfield Health. The challenge was simple – to get up and moving during my lunch break and reap the benefits of a little added activity.

So what have I learned?

I’ve learned that it’s super easy to add a little extra activity into your life. Easier than you’d think and before you know it you’ve created a habit that is positively impacting your health and wellbeing.

I’ve learned that keeping track of your progress makes the entire challenge more fun! For example, I have walked 37,476 steps this week and burnt an additional 1630 calories. Granted, these are my overall steps and activity throughout the day but that extra 15-20 minutes of activity at lunch is bound to have a large impact on that number overall.

I’ve learned that teamwork is a powerful resource. From just speaking about the campaign in passing to coworkers it’s made a great deal of them want to get involved and sign up to the challenge! So it turns out cake isn’t the only thing in the office that you can bond over 😉

I’ve had a fantastic time trialing the challenge in April and have made changes I’m determined I’ll stick to. In the meantime, why not check out the leaderboard to see which team is winning the challenge this May, and how many steps they’ve taken so far.

Happy walking everyone!
H x


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