Deep thoughts on a Thursday & why I wouldn’t want to be a full-time blogger

Dear all,

Someone asked me an important question at a networking event the other Thursday. They said: “If you could be a full-time blogger, would you?” 

It was a really tough question, and one to which I answered: “Yes and no”.

I said yes, because I adore writing. If I could write all day every day, I would. That’s why I invest hours of my free time, of choice, doing just that.

But at the same time, the second part of my answer rolled off my tongue before even had the chance to stop it.

I said no – because to have a successful, commercialised blog there is an unrelenting pressure involved. A pressure to maintain a constant illusion that your life is completely and utterly perfect. 

Think white bed sheets (no practical person ever bought white bed anything) and flat lays. Coffee and avocado on toast. Flawless “post gym” selfies and designer handbags. It’s (frankly) vacuous and self-destructive. 

Think of the celebrities you follow on Instagram – why do you follow them? Do they make you feel empowered, motivated and good about yourself? Why do we really find ourselves lusting over toned, tanned figures frolicking on a beach when we’re stuck in work at 4pm on a Friday?

So I finished my reply “I don’t want that. I don’t want to contribute to teenage girl’s anxiety. I don’t want people to feel they have to be a certain way, or have certain things to be happy. I don’t want my kids to grow up in a world where they are taught to value looks over intelligence and integrity.”

It may have started to get a bit deep for 9pm on a Thursday night but my god, I really meant it.

We’re all perpetrators of the same thing. We all dress up our lives on social media, and us bloggers are perhaps some of the worst offenders of them all.

I truly hope that I am perhaps a little different. Not revolutionary or game-changing but different. I’ve blogged about many things close to my heart – the struggles I have faced with mental health being one.

If all I have achieved in these past two years of blogging is an authentic voice in this saturated industry then I can go to bed happy. My honesty as one of my best qualities and one I feel makes me the person I am today. I can only hope that to meet me in person would be the same experience as reading this – an easy going chat with a friend.

Food for thought …

Without sounding like some sort of wannabe philosopher, I often feel that we grow up programmed to think a certain way. We strive to achieve whatever set of norms society sets out for us.

For me, as a British female, it was to go through education, go to university, graduate, get a job working for someone else, earn an average or decent wage if you’re lucky and that’s that – and for some people, that may be enough. That may be more than enough – and if that is the case that is absolutely fine because we’re all individuals who all want different things from life. But for others, like me, I don’t believe it has to be this way.

Why are we never taught to think BIGGER? You really can achieve anything – you may not believe you can, but I do. Quit that job, start that business, tell that person how you feel. Life truly is yours for the taking.

We are wonderful, extraordinary creatures with unique and diverse talents. And though for the reasons I’ve mentioned being a full-time blogger probably isn’t in the cards for me, I bet there’s a bunch of incredible things that are… for me and for you, too.

Until next time,
H x


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