The classiest bar in Sheffield? Welcome to Kettle Black

Hi everyone,

Now I don’t know about you all, but I myself have been wanting to go to the new bar on Ecclesall Road, Kettle Black, for quite some time now. 

Sadly I was away for their launch weekend, so when I received an invitation to a bloggers’ cocktail masterclass* a week or two back, the promise of free booze and a snoop around was (naturally) too good an opportunity to miss. 

I’d heard great things about the bar, but my first impressions were really positive. I’d not been there since it was Menzels, and even then I only went once so it was refreshing to see how the space has transformed with a little help from branding and interior design.

The outside of the bar is covered which means that it’s suitable for the rainiest of days – a good move, considering we’re in the North! 

Also the wall outside is covered with fake grass (tastefully, I promise). For some reason it reaaaally reminded me of  that scene in Get Him To The Greek. Anyhow, I digress.

Now onto the inside – I’m not going to lie, it really is a stunning bar. It gives a luxe feel in a way that Sheffield (without sounding like a bit of a nob) is definitely lacking. 

I could see myself there with my other half on a week night, out with work on a Friday or on a night out with the girls. It’s a really nice place to be – you can the design has been meticulously thought out, from the careful branding of the cocktail making glasses  to the projected logo in the walkway.

Now onto the cockail making – we started our evening by being given a brief history of cocktails by the barman over a few bottles of prosecco. 

After the amount of cocktail masterclasses I’ve been to I really should be an expert by now, but I usually manage to get so drunk (always accidentally) that by the morning the whole thing is reduced in my memory to a happy, alcohol infused blur. So alas, on the cocktail  making front it seems I can really can never stop learning.

We then went on to make our first cocktail – the cosmopolitan. He explained how it’s popularity rose from Sex and The City and though it’s never been a particular favourite of mine, I actually really enjoyed it – I feel I’ve always remembered them to be really strong, but these ones were nice and sweet.

The barman did a “taste test” competition and somehow I managed to win – I tell everyone who’ll listen that I am basically winging my way through life so maybe that had something to do with it. OR maybe it’s because my friends have started referring to me as “Hannah Bradshaw” after procuring my monthly column in the Sheffield Star, and like magic, I now both enjoy, and can make a fab cosmo. Who knows. 

We then went on to make… my signature (hallelujah) – the espresso martini. Now I always make this mistake at events… “What drink do you want?” the kind hosts says “Espresso martini!” I cry and then before I know it I’m awake at 6am with heart palpitations because not only did I drink mine, but I drank the person in the group’s who doesn’t like coffee (there is ALWAYS one).

I completely bailed on this one and it looked pretty damn average, so I’m not going to give up my career to become a cocktail making expert just yet. Give it another event or five!

We then had chance to chat to Pete, Kettle Black’s Manager, who let us know his plans for the place. He wants Sheffield to be the original bar, and hopefully then expand to a few other cities. I think they’ve got a really unique, well thought out business concept and I have no doubt they’ll do really well, in Sheffield and beyond.

All in all I had a really enjoyable evening, in an incredible venue. I want to extend my thanks to the team at Kettle Black for looking after us so well – there’s not a doubt in my mind that I’ll be back.

Until next time,
H x


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