Life is short, wear Bottle Blonde

Hey everyone,

So today is my BIRTHDAY! WOO! Can you sense the excitement?!

I have spent the day having a nice lovely lie-in and barricading myself up in Steam Yard to catch up on blogging and freelance work whilst being ploughed with coffee & cheesecake. It’s been glorious!

I wanted to share with you these incredible photos of me in my Bottle Blonde tinsel jacket at New Year but I ended up running out of time. But what better time to share than my day of birth where you should, you know, shine brighter than anyone else anyway?

It was a lady I know’s birthday recently. She posted on Facebook saying “Today I opened two gifts… my eyes.”

Now there a hell of a lot of cr*p on Facebook, but I thought that was truly the most beautiful statement. It has stayed with me as something I wish to share with you all, too.

I’ve had some lovely presents but really, it’s not about that. I am blessed with this life, my health, and incredible people who only seem to double as the years go by.

Hey, I’m getting older – and that’s absolutely fine. There’s way too much fear in our society about it. I am enjoying life just as much now as when I was 18. And I’ll be sure to do the same aged 60, wrinkles and all.

Now, let’s all take a moment to appreciate this incredible jacket.





Now, anyone who knows me knows that I am utterly rubbish at doing anything other than my “base amount” of makeup – usually foundation, under eye corrector, brow powder, mascara, powder and maybe a bit of bronzer on my cheeks.

I knew I wanted a really “wow” look to do justice to the jacket – I was lucky enough to have Heather Hawkins as my MUA. I’m very cautious about people doing my makeup as I’ve had some truly disastrous experiences. I’m sure you’ll agree that Heather has done an absolutely incredible job!

Thank you to everyone for the birthday well-wishes. I am off for my first ever trip to Silversmiths for dinner with my Dad this evening – I’ve heard amazing things, and I’m going to enjoy every moment without the pressure of taking good photos and writing reviews. My Mum has really hurt her back and can’t come, which I am really sad about but more importantly, I want her to feel better soon.

I’ve recently resurrected my Facebook page for the blog so I would LOVE if you guys could show come support and gizz’a like here.


Speak to you soon, and have an amazing rest of week.
H x

Photography: Barton Chase Media
Makeup: Heather Hawkins MUA


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