24 Hours in Paris with Doncaster Sheffield Airport – Afternoon activities

Hey all!

Today I’m going to take you back to my trip to Paris with Doncaster Sheffield airport – this time to the afternoon and the many exciting activities we got up to.

Now, after getting up for a 6.30am flight we were naturally pretty knackered. So upon arrival to Hotel le 123 Sébastopol, we dropped our bags off and stole a quick hours kip before heading out into the city to explore.

There’s nothing quite like Paris in the Autumn. The last time I had been was earlier in the year in February – it was like a completely different place. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed my trip in February, but I wasn’t taken aback by the beauty of the city. This time, I really, really was.

Maybe it was the multi-coloured unset which reflected off the architecture, or the way the Eiffel Tower lit up with hundreds of sparkly lights. But Paris well and truly stole my heart this time around.

Our first stop was to get some lunch before heading to the Musée d’Orsay. We found thus quaint little cafe just around the corner, close enough to be nearby but far enough away to bypass the hefty pricetags of the other restaurants within walking distance.

I’d faintly remembered Chaz buying a pain au chocolat the size of his head there for about €3 when we’d visited in Feb, so suggested it to the others and it turned out to be an excellent choice. It was so typically french, from the decor inside to the menu. We even had fries laden with Camembert – when in Paris, hey!

Afterwards we headed to the museum. Me and Chaz had tried and failed to visit not once but TWICE before and each time it has been closed so to finally get the chance to visit was incredible.

The Musée d’Orsay is home to a number of incredibly well known artists, Vincent van Gogh included. To see paintings like his self portrait in front of your eyes is an incredible experience and one I can highly recommend.

Afterwards we headed back to the hotel for a quick change before the second activity of the day – a segway tour around Paris, nonetheless! I don’t know what compelled me to, but for some reason I decided that my brand new black crushed velvet suit from Pretty Little Thing would be get attire for this activity (good one Hannah – I was blo*dy freezing).

The experience was as entertaining as it sounds. None of us had ever been on a segway before so were all a bit nervous, but our guide gave us clear instructions and training before we headed off around the city. Teaser alert – only one person in the group fell off – it’s not as scary as it seems!

We visited landmarks such as the Sainte-Chapelle where we hopped off to hear about the history from our extremely knowledgeable tour guide. The journey through the city in the twilight was one of the most magical things, topped of by the last destination being, of course, the Eiffel Tower which twinkled and glowed in near darkness.

All I could think of throughout this entire trip was just how lucky I am to be given opportunities like this. I still, even now, can’t get my head around it. I started this blog three years ago out of pure passion for writing and look at the amazing things that have happened, people I’ve met and brands I’ve worked with. It’s truly incredible.

Check back soon for part three of my trip, where I will (rather nostalgically) take you through the final few hours of my trip to Paris.

Much love,
H x

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