Hannah Frances McCreesh has a brand new look!

Hi guys!

So, as you can probably see, the blog has got a brand new look!

topshop animal print suit jacket and trousers

I’m so happy with the layout – it’s really simple and clean looking whilst still being very “me” with blacks and greys and not too much “all white everything”. I’ve worked with the lovely guys at Pipdig for all my blog designs. We have a great working relationship and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

I’d been on the hunt for a new layout for ages – I think you get to that stage where you look your blog so much, it starts to look a bit tired and old – and that was definitely starting to happen with me.

I’t’s been all change around here, as I’ve also got a new logo and migrated my blog over to WordPress. I’m already finding it so much easier to use and customize. My lovely hand drawn logo is by Nicola of Nicola Toon designs.

I’ve also launched my brand new YouTube channel. My next video is all about getting to know me, so if you have any questions you want answering just pop them in an email or in the comments below.

Anyway, hope you’re all well and are enjoying these lighter evenings. I certainly am – it’s amazing how the onset of a new season can put a Spring in your step.

I’ve got lots of exciting collaborations coming up that I’m currently in the midst of shooting/writing about so stay tuned for them soon.

I’ll also be launching a post about my recent trip to Boohoo.com HQ for ambassador training so keep an eye out for that.

Until next time,
H x

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