Top care tips to love your car again

Hi everyone,

Be honest… are you guilty of not giving your car a little TLC? Whether that be leaving an empty McDonald cup in the back for months or keeping a stash of heels for after work drinks under the seat we’re all guilty sometimes of not giving our cars the care they deserve – both inside and out.

It’s for that reason that I’ve teamed up with DAT Tyres to bring you 3 top car care tips to love your car again. Enjoy!

  1. Care exhaust care

Your exhaust is often overlooked when it comes to car care, but it really is of the utmost importance. Regular cleaning of your exhaust will protect it against both erosion and carbon build up.

There’s a number of car-safe products you can buy specifically to clean your exhaust, but just using all purpose cleaners or degreasers should have the same effect. Simply soak the tips in cleaner then after a few minutes use wheel cleaning brushes to really scour the inside and out (don’t worry, this won’t scratch the metal).

Once that’s done, use a microfibre cloth to wipe away the excess cleaner and polish the tips inside and out. Ta da!

2. Look after your tyres

I really can’t stress enough the importance of looking after your tyres. Not looking after your tyres is about the equivalent of not looking after your legs if you’re a marathon runner – you just wouldn’t even dream of it!

There are three main things you need to look out for when caring for your tyres and that’s pressure, tread depth and damage. To check your car’s tyres aren’t under-inflated this handy online tool can tell you what pressure your tyres should be what can’t the internet do nowadays, eh?!)

To check your tyre’s tread depth is within the legal minimum of 1.6mm simply do the 20p test – place a 20p coin in the tread grooves of your tyre. If the outside rim of the 20p is hidden, your tyres are above the legal limit but if you can see any of the 20p’s rim, they’re likely to be falling short.

Check your results are accurate by doing the test on at least three points around each tyre and check them a minimum of once a month.

Last but not least, check your tyres regularly for damage. If you see anything – even a little bump or cut get them checked out immediately by a professional.

Remember, your safety could be at stake here. If replacement is needed & your existing ones have worn out, you can buy car tyres online London from DAT Tyres with local fitting in branches.

3. Remember to change your fluids regularly

Fluids are vital to both the operation and protection of many of your car’s components. Make sure you not only check your fluid levels regularly, but check the filters too and top up/change them both when necessary.

The best part about the tips above is that if you follow them religiously, you’re far less likely to get a hefty bill from your mechanic in the future. Hopefully you’ve learned a new thing or two, and will be on your way to loving your car again.

All the best,

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