How much do YOU know about Sheffield? Introducing Westfield Health’s Walking Lunch Campaign #AD

Hi everyone!

With the start of May comes National Walking Month and some of you guys maaaay remember that this time last year I worked with Westfield Health as part of their Walking Lunch Campaign.

Well, I am really pleased to say that this year, I am doing the same AND the campaign has gained an exciting new dimension of which I will reveal…

Westfield Health have teamed up with UK Walking Charity Living Streets to make the theme of this year’s National Walking Month “Walking Cities”.

In short, it means we should use this opportunity to get out and about and explore where we live and further – with a little help from city walking app Crumbs.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, Crumbs is an app which provides interactive walks in 12 cities throughout the UK, including Sheffield (yay!)

I’ll be honest, I hadn’t heard of Crumbs before now but I think it’s both an amazing idea and a fantastic way to explore both new and old cities. When was the last time you went on a walk just for the fun of it?

SO, to celebrate the start of May and Westfield Health’s Walking Lunch Campaign I donned my trainers and my backpack (how you know things are getting serious) and headed down to Sheffield Station to try out the Crumbs walking app for myself and hopefully learn a new thing or two along the way.

Can I just say, the walk was really, fun! I haven’t done an interactive tour since I was a kid in museums so it was nice to have an excuse to enjoy the same thing as an adult (by age, not nature I might add)!

The walk starts off at the station and takes you up throughout the town, asking you to answer questions with clues that are hidden along the way.

It’s great for both newbies to the city and for regular city dwellers like me, as I learned a tonne of new things and spotted parts of landmarks I pass every day that I would never have paused to notice.

But what’s a campaign without a little competition, right? Sign up to the campaign and track your steps and see if you can beat me this month – there’s even prizes for those who are most active (and I warn you, I’m pretty competitive)!

I’m going to do the same and keep you all updated on my progress via social media (@hannahfmccreesh) – you can do the same using the hashtag #WalkingLunch

Here’s to an active, fun and healthy May… and beyond.

All the best,

H x


This post was kindly sponsored by Westfield Health.

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