An evening sampling Cafe Rouge’s new Summer set menu

Hi guys!

So recently I was invited along to the beautiful Cafe Rouge restaurant in St Pauls Square in Sheffield to try out their new Summer set menu.

I’d only ever been to Cafe Rouge once or twice before but I was really excited to go somewhere that’s a little different from the Italian chains that I am used to going to.

The first thing that struck me about this restaurant was the beautiful interiors. It boasts floor to ceiling glass all around and large painted mirrors and Parisian style on the walls.



Now, I had a tough time with the menu – tough as in, there were so so many appealing options for me to choose from! I did want to go down the “quintessentially French” route so for starters, I had warm breaded camembert with cranberry and redcurrant sauce.

This was every bit as good as it sounds. Carb on carb? Check. Cheese? Check. A sauce that goes really well with the dish? Check. I did a slo-mo snapchat of me breaking into the camembert and it is making me hungry just thinking about it!

For my main course I was torn between the summer salad with wood-smoked duck or half a KILO of mussels. Half a bloomin’ kilo!

I hadn’t had mussels for ageeees so I opted for the latter, and my god they were DELICIOUS. I’d forgotten just how nice good mussels can be! They came with basil and pine nut pesto, shallots, white wine and french fries. The combination was perfect and even though mussels are pretty tiny, half a kilo meant you had plenty enough to be full up by the end of the meal – I couldn’t even finish my chips!

By the time dessert came around I was still quite full (but who am I to turn down dessert?!) so I opted for two flavours of ice cream: chocolate and salted caramel. I was really excited as I LOVE these two flavours together but sadly I was pretty underwhelmed with them both. I often go for ice cream as a dessert in restaurants and I’ve had a lot better – the chocolate and salted caramel ice creams in Pizza Express, for example, are so full of flavour but there, sadly, wasn’t really anything to shout about with these.

I think next time I dine there I’ll go for the torte au chocolat which I’m sure, considering their French roots, will be more of a winner.

I had a great dining experience at Cafe Rouge and the customer service I received whilst I was there was absolutely superb. All the staff who served us honestly couldn’t do enough for us, and were so friendly and a real pleasure to speak to.

The Summer set menu costs £12.95 for two courses and £15.95 for three so honestly, it really is such good value. The options on the menu are very varied, and the way I see it, the less you spend on food the more you can spend on wine 😉

Have you ever dined at Cafe Rouge before? What were your experiences?

Lots of love,

Hannah x

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