My top destinations for a luxury UK weekend away

Hi guys!

So I have just returned from what I can only describe as the week of all weeks staying in a luxury chalet in Switzerland and it has made me get the travel bug BAD.

So I was researching places to visit in England for a little bit of luxe for Chaz’s birthday this month and ended up thinking, honestly, I might as well make a post out of it.

So below I’ve compiled a list of places in England that I think you’ll love for a well-earned luxury weekend away in the UK.

Whether you fancy an adventure break in the theme parks of Staffordshire or a relaxing weekend full of good food and drink at The Wood Norton, there are so many places to choose from close to home.

I’ve always been a big fan of holidaying in Britain and am a full-on staycation advocate. Some of the places below I have been to and some are still on my list but if anyone has any tips feel free to pop them in the comments below & help a fellow traveller out!


Bath is renowned for being one of the most historic places in the UK – you can get so much out of a weekend in Bath. It’s been on my list for some time now, as it boasts some of the best Roman temples in Western Europe as well as some of the most luxurious spas. Some of you may know that I actually applied to university initially to study history, so I am a bit of a history fan when it comes to the culture and history of where I’m visiting.


Edinburgh may or maaaay not have made it to the potential list of birthday cities 😉 You (and he) will soon find out if it has!

I’ve heard so much about Edinburgh and have never been to Scotland so it’s definitely a win-win in my book. The coastal scenery means you can ditch the city for the beach, even if it is a bit chillier than your average English beach! Again, the history of the place too just looks absolutely incredible, not to mention the beautiful rchitecture.


Cambridge truly is just beautiful. Having grown up in Rutland, it was never too far away to visit and I have spent many a happy weekend afternoon strolling down the high street with my family or alongside the river.


London surely has to be best place to go in terms of the sheer volume of how much there is to do. My Grandad lives on the outskirts and so I have visited more times than I can remember, and yet there is still so much I haven’t seen and done. Last time I went I had food of the Oxo Tower which was one of the the most incredible experiences!


York, oh wonderful york! York is a definite favourite of mine because, let’s face it, it’s b e a utiful, but also it has amazing shopping, bars, restaurants and the races are a fantastic day out too. As it’s only an hour away on the train from Sheffield too it’s really cheap to get there on the train.

There are so many places you can choose from when it comes to going on a luxury UK break but the ones I’ve listed above have a little more “va va voom” than some of the other places I’ve visited (though they too have been great in their own way)!

I can’t wait to visit Edinburgh and Bath in the coming months but there are still so many places I haven’t seen. Where would you guys recommend going for a nice, classy weekend away?


H x


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  1. May 22, 2019 / 7:14 am

    Good list. There’s just this one thing, don’t take this in the wrong sense but I would like to point out that Edinburgh is in Scotland, which is not England. Just wanted you to know.

    • hannah
      July 19, 2019 / 2:53 pm

      Hey David – thanks for commenting. The list in the blog is actually the top destinations in the UK, not England, hence why Edinburgh is included 🙂 Have a great day and thanks for taking the time to read! Hannah x

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