My guide to Winter workouts

Hi guys,

As autumn has officially arrived, we’re starting to brace ourselves for longer nights, colder evenings, and finally turning the heating on.

This post is as much about giving me some inspiration as much as you guys. As my life is getting increasingly busy, finding the time to exercise is a struggle. 

Yet I actually really like exercising in winter – your body easily acclimatizes itself to the temperatures and you will burn more calories as your body tries to regain its core temperature.

So without further ado, here are my three top ways to get outdoors and to get a quality workout in Winter (without stepping foot in a gym).


The great thing about cycling is that it encourages a base level of fitness.

By engaging in a rigorous cardio workout like this, you won’t just improve your heart rate, but as well as improving your mood, it’s the cheapest mode of transport!

You could cycle to work if you don’t have the time to do it, but with autumn and winter weather comes a lot of hazardous terrains, so be careful, and it’s always best to get some bike insurance if you live in a city like me.

Bikes can be quite expensive nowdays, but look around on Gumtree. I got mine for £35 and it was in great used condition.

Outdoor cardio

I actually think that winter is a better time for cardio outdoors as, although it’s cold, you soon warm up and running in warm weather outdoors is unbearable.

Exercising in cold weather can be very good for you – as your body is working harder to stay warm, it is ramping up the amount of endorphins coursing through your body, which leaves you happier and lighter following a cold workout.

Resistance Training at home

You don’t need to venture out into the elements if you don’t want to, during the height of winter, the garage will be the perfect place to get in some weight training.

The difference in a heavy set of weights in comparison to using your own body weight for a jog, for example, means that you are seriously putting yourself through your paces.

By engaging in compound exercises that work more than one muscle, you have got to work harder to keep your form, but with the cold weather adding a new angle to your workout, it means you will feel the burn a lot more.

If you can’t fit a gym in your garage, you may want to try the outdoor approach, for example, doing pull-ups on tree branches etc., but be very careful with this, and only do it if you feel safe.

I hope this has helped!


H x


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