The joys of staying in a luxury hotel

Hi everyone,

So being the average 23 year old that I am, often when it comes to booking hotels I will opt for a cheaper budget option like a good Air B&B.

However every now and then for special occasions, or through some of the amazing opportunities I’ve had through my blog, I get to stay in a luxury hotel.

Today I’m going to talk about what really makes a luxury hotel, and the benefits of spending a little more and getting a little luxe and reminisce on some of the amazing luxury hotels I’ve stayed in so when you’re planning your next hotel stay

Your Arrival

Most hotels can guarantee the room that you’ve booked. However, with a luxury hotel, your requirements can be more specific while still being fulfilled. If you want a particular view from your room, you’ll get it. If you require anti-allergy pillows and bedding, it’s there waiting for you as you check in. If you need a ground floor room because of accessibility issues, the hotel has already designated you a suitable room. Whatever your requests, a luxury hotel will cater for them.

The Room Interior

While there is no hard and fast rule for what every luxury hotel room must contain, there are a few common themes that are consistent amongst the ones I’ve stayed in.

Firstly, they must be spacious. They need to feel like a home away from home, and accommodate a suite, king sized bed and elegant bathroom. The fixtures, fittings and furniture should be quality and on trend. There won’t be a piece of plywood in sight and the mini portable kettle is usually swapped for a fancy coffee machine. Some even have an elegant indoor fireplace.

As you enter a luxury hotel room, it should be one of those “wow” moments. 

The bathroom will usually include things like robes and high-end toiletries


Room service is a must. The food on offer will be to an incredible standard, and the hotel should be able to cater for any dietary requirements. Because of their highly personalised service, luxury hotels should be able to make you whatever you desire even if it deviates from the menu. If you want a cheese sandwich, order it. It’ll probably be the best cheese sandwich you’ll ever have in your life.

The Extra Mile

The most vital aspect of any luxury hotel is their willingness to go out of their way to please you.

The staff behind the front desk will always greet you with a smile and not be able to do enough for you. The cleaning and maintenance teams should never intrude, and your room will be clean at all times. The hotel will be a hive of activity, with staff always on hand to cater for their guests every need.



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