The week of a lifetime in Nendaz, Switerland with Travelopo – Part 2

Hey guys,

It’s little ol’ me again, this time back to share with you my experiences of the second half of my recent press trip to Switzerland (click here to catch up with Part 1).


On Tuesday we were up bright and early to go cheese making in the Alps. It was certainly a different way to spend a Tuesday morning! Once we arrived at the farm we watched the whole process from start to finish and were allowed to explore both the store rooms where the cheeses were kept to mature and we wandered along the track to where the cows are kept along the mountainside.

I’d never seen cows with the traditional swiss bells around their necks, but they do make a lovely jangling noise as they walk – it’s one of those things that puts a smile on your face as it’s so unique to Switzerland.

The cheese making really is a fascinating process that is incredibly long – we often don’t pause to think how our every-day food is made, so it was nice to learn about and appreciate it more. It also gave me fond, nostalgic memories to the time I was taken to visit the Wensleydale factory near to where I lived as a young child!

Afterwards we headed to breakfast in a tiny little restaurant on the mountain before heading back to Nendaz. We had the rest of the day free so we headed to the local outdoor pool (literally a two minute walk from us!) to relax and go for a swim.


On Wednesday we had the whole day free so took full advantage of this and went to the spa which is part of the beautiful 4* Hôtel Nendaz 4 Vallées & Spa nestled right in the heart of Nendaz.

The spa itself is beautiful and everything you would expect of a Swiss spa located high in the mountains. It boasted numerous saunas, steam rooms, cold rooms and plunge baths. There was also a salt pool and an indoor and outdoor infinity pool -all of which were just incredible.

I’d never swam in an infinity pool before but they are what Instagram dreams are made of, so luckily we all took advantage of my (supposedly waterproof) phone to take some snaps!


On Thursday we got up before the crack of dawn (like 3am!) to watch the sunrise at 10,000 ft … in theory! There is something very disconcerting about getting a ski lift in the pitch black at four in the morning surrounded by eerily silent mountains, but hey, I am a woman of new experiences!

Sadly there was too much cloud for us to be able to see anything at all, which I was sad about but even more sad when Annick from the Nendaz Tourism Board showed us what we SHOULD have been seeing from her visit a few weeks back and it was absolutely BREATHTAKING. Oh well, one for the next visit hey 😉

We ended up spending the time huddled in this tin, tiny cafe that was more like a wooden igloo and we had a right laugh regardless amongst our sleep-deprived, slightly delirious selves!

We were in for another treat on Thursday evening as Alex from La lanterne et le Vieux Chalet had kindly let us visit his restaurant (also number one on Trip Advisor of all restaurants in Nendaz!) in exchange for a review from us all.

The restaurant is around ten minutes walk from the centre of Nendaz and has beautiful views over the mountains, not to mention TO DIE FOR interiors. I’m talking lots of wooden furniture, sheepskin rugs – the whole place had such a cosy,  rustic feel to it.

He also has a gorgeous, shy little black cat that needless to say I ran around after for a good ten minutes before realising that my affections were not reciprocated. Haha!

Now, less about kitties and onto the important part – the food!

I am not being over-dramatic (over-dramatic …me?!) but I have to say there is a reason they are number one in the whole of Nendaz… and that’s because it was some of, if not the best food I have ever eaten.

We had a mix of courses based on Alex’s recommendations, including canapes for starters and marinated chicken and steak for our mains.

The food was beautifully presented and absolutely breathtaking – so full and flavoursome. We were all in awe, and probably the quietest we’d been together throughout the whole trip!

Photo credit: Eternal Arrival

Thank you so much Alex for what was such an incredible evening. The food and kind hospitality shown to us by yourself really was the icing on the cake of our trip.


On Friday we sadly had to say goodbye to our beautiful chalet that we had all got accustomed to calling home for the past week.

I had truly the most incredible time in Nendaz and it’s an experience I will keep with me for the rest of my life.

I’d like to say a special thanks to Travelopo for making it all happen, to Annick and the Nendaz Tourist Board for organising and sponsoring all our amazing activities, to Nico and Alex for the incredible food and everyone we met on all the activities for making the trip what it was.

Not to mention Allison, Jess, Hayley and Elaisha who I laughed myself silly with and have been missing terribly ever since I got back!

But the last thank you of all has to be to Switzerland as a country – what a truly breathtaking place. I’ll be the first to admit that although I did want to go in my lifetime, Switzerland was never high on my list of countries to visit. If you are the same, all I can say is you should be putting it at the very, very top.


Hannah x


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