Here’s to all my fellow bloggers

Hey guys,

A couple of months ago now I had a phone conversation with a lovely girl called Gaby.

She got in touch after finding me on Twitter and seeing that I run my blog, work freelance for a number of clients and have a full time job as well.

She was incredibly sweet, and wanted some advice on how I juggle the three so that to help her pursue a similar direction in the future.

She also congratulated me, and said how she thinks that achieving what I have, especially for my age, is amazing.

That simple “well done, you’re doing great” from an almost stranger was so touching that it got me thinking.

It got me thinking about all the bloggers who work long and hard to less recognition than they deserve.

About all the bloggers who juggle careers, families and more to put amazing content out there every day.

And those (most of us!) who are fighting against an algorithm undermining everything we’ve worked so hard for.

Social media platforms that just want to take our hard-earned money in exchange for the exposure we so deserve.

As bloggers, we are our own bosses – we have (generally) complete control over our content, our creativity and our social media channels.

And though this freedom is absolutely amazing, it means that often there’s no’one around to cheer for us other than… well, us.

If, like me, you’re quite self-depreciating of your achievements or generally get “imposter syndrome” left right and centre, it often means that there isn’t anyone around to say well done, you’re doing great.

That is (I hope) until now.

Because I want to say well done. I want to congratulate you on doing something awesome. I want to thank you for all your late nights, early mornings and stresses over Instagram layouts and domain authorities.

I want to say well done for doing something out of love, out of passion. And for taking the initiative to do something that little bit different.

For writing awesome posts, taking awesome photos and being generally, pretty damn awesome.

Starting a blog is hard. Running a blog is even harder. People think it’s all free stuff and sunshine, but the reality is sure, loads of awesome perks, but a hell of a lot of hard work, too.

I tweeted recently about how social media, for all it’s bad traits, has connected me with some really awesome people who always seem to be backing my corner. So thank you, all of you.

Let’s all try to be that person for someone else.


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