Modern travel is better than ever before. Here’s why

Hi everyone,

I was thinking just the other day that today’s holidays are better than ever before. For starters, international travel is so much more accessible than it was in our parents and grandparent’s day.

People tend to have a lot more disposable income, which is why a holiday a year for most, or more, is often seen as the norm.

Here’s my top reasons why I think modern travel is better than ever before.

  1. Accommodation Is More Versatile

Photo credit: Air Bnb

Escaping the stresses of everyday life for a few days is one of the best things about the holiday.  

 The days of either paying through the nose for luxury or settling for a terrible hostel are gone. There’s now so much marvelous middle ground.

Regular visitors of my blog will know just how much I go on about Air Bnb but Airbnb has changed the game forever! Similarly there are hotels to cater to every need – from treehouse hotels to affordable chains like the new Ibis Styles.

I’ve been fortunate enough that my blog has taken me on many amazing hotel stays, but even outside of my travel blogging I’ve found that most places take pride in providing the best service in the knowledge that bad online reviews will harm their future bookings.

  2. There’s A Chance To Do More


Amazing accommodation is the foundation of a good holiday but it’s the activities and experiences that really make them. There’s no question that the opportunities are now greater than ever to kepe up with demand.

 The fact that millions of tourists try to visit multiple places has encouraged operators to encourage this. Europe tours enable you to create more memories and explore more of the world, even when your time is limited. I’ve always wanted to go interrailing and hope that next year will be the year!

Being able to research the attractions online makes everything so much easier as well.

  3. Staying Connected To Home Is Easier


We all love getting away for a few days. But once we do, it’s not long before we start thinking about things and people back home.

You’ve got to remember, it was only 10 years ago that staying in touch was almost impossible. Thankfully, smartphones and WI-FI mean this is no longer an issue.

Social media allows you to share your adventures through photos and messages. But just remember to avoid letting it get in the way of your adventures, and you’ll be fine.

Until next time,

H x


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