The best wireless headphones I’ve ever had – Motorola Verve Rider

Hi everyone,

So today I want to talk to you about some INCREDIBLE wireless headphones I was sent by Motorola.

Now I wouldn’t say I rave about things all that easily so if I do, it’s with just cause.

I have tried and failed to love three different types of wireless headphones before I was sent these.

They were either too big, too bulky, badly designed, falling out of my ears, running out of charge too quickly OR all of the above. Nightmare.

So when I was asked by Motorola to review their new Verve Rider wireless headphones so thought, I’ll give them a go, but my hopes weren’t all that high. How wrong I was!

These little beauties are, in my view, honestly everything you could ever want from a wireless headphone.

Now, let’s start with the design. As these are a premium priced product and, in my opinion, premium headphones, the thought processes and design reflect this.

The ergonomic fit means that they sit like a collar around the back and front of your neck, and the headphone’s earbuds reach up only a short distance to your actual ears.

This minimization of any additional wiring means that they fit so much better thn any other wireless headphones I have tried and they hardly budge, even during the most disruptive of sports.

A massive problem I had with my first pair of wireless headphones from Amazon was that they were just one long continual wire with basically two ear buds on the end.

Not only did this make them incredibly partial to falling out, instead of normal, small ear buds they had this big, square plastic overlay as the outer earbud design.

In practice, this additional plastic just weighed them down, further adding to the problem of them continually falling out. I’ve only got little ears anyway, so it was an absolute nightmare.

Similarly, because they were just one long, loose wire, it meant everytime my ponytail moved even the smallest movement would send them flying off.

The Motorola verve riders just have a small, normal earbud on each side with the subtle M branding on each that I love.

Though I have had numerous comments from people like “Is that a funky necklace?” LOL (I frequently wear them in the day or travelling to listen to music) or “Are you wearing two pairs of headphones?” I do really like the design.

My only complaint would be the colour – as I wear them a lot during the day, though I like the colour orange, it isn’t very subtle nor does it go with a lot of what I own. Though through doing some research for this article, I have since found out that they do them in black! They are B E A utiful!

Now on to the battery life – in short, it’s insane. I can wear them for weeks at a time for every workout and in my daily life too and it’ll seem like forever until I hear the tell-tale “beep beep beep” noise which means they need charging again.

Similary, when they are out of charge, they charge up really quickly. There’s been times where I’ve gone to take them with me to the gym only to realise I’ve forgotten I needed to charge them.

I would just plug them in to their USB that connects to my computer for 10 minutes and even after that short amount of time, they’d be good to go to last me for that workout or maybe one more.

They connect to your phone via Bluetooth which is super quick and easy to set up. This also means that any calls you get during your workouts will be connected through your headphones so you can pick them up and answer through them.


Considering I was sent these for free to review and was, by that time, pretty dubious about the concept of wireless headphones as a whole, I can honestly say I couldn’t live without them now.

I use them almost every day and the sound quality and functionality is just as good as ever before

At £60 they are quite pricey, but as I mentioned earlier, they are a premium product.

Although £60 does seem a lot for a pair of headphones, if you consider that I have used these day in day out for months, and will continue to without the need of any other headphones, they do seem worth it.

After all, all I have to do is think of how many times I’ve wasted £10 on a new pair of average, normal headphones because I’ve lost them or they’ve broken. I must have gone through at least 6 pairs in my teenage years, let alone lifetime. I’d much rather have a quality pair that will hopefully last me for years to come and feel very pleased that these little lovelies have graced me with their presence!

My other wireless headphones have been budget ones and they’ve all been utterly rubbish.

So, if someone who normally wouldn’t dream of shelling out that kind of cash on ANYTHING technical would happily buy these, I think that speaks volumes doesn’t it? (If you’ll pardon the pun 😉 )

Until next time,
H x


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