Why social responsibility should be everyone’s business

Hey guys,

Whilst it has never exactly been cool to ignore our social responsibility, I feel that in the past few years people’s willingness to make positive changes that will benefit themselves and the environment is better than ever before.

This is for many reasons. From environmental efforts to technological growth to the incredible work of inventive minds, social responsibility is something everyone can seemingly participate in. For example, things that are intrinsically self-serving can even also help inform potential new markets, such as betterment reviews for robo-advisers concerned with sustainability.

Here’s the thing – I love this beautiful, crazy world we live in. Just one look at nature shows you what an incredible and complex place we call home. And I want it to be around for as long as possible.

Social Responsibility, for me, is simply making sure we are not careless in our every day lives. I found out just last year, at a festival actually, that plastic straws take up to 200 years to decompose. America alone used 500 million of them every day, and the vast majority end up in landfill or our oceans.

It seriously made me rethink reaching for one in the bar or club and how, such a small action can have such massive consequences.

But why is social responsibility now so high on the news agenda and in people’s lives?

It’s Accessible

More than ever, it’s easy to be informed about how you can help the environment as a whole, and in your local area.

You can find sustainability targets, projects to get involved with alongside many small actions you can take in a day at the press of a button.

Not only this, but charities and projects publicly concerned with sustainability are starting to become more and more transparent in their efforts. Social media critique and public relations is more collaborative than ever, allowing for a truly direct exchange between company and audience perception.

This also puts pressure on new companies to find more sustainable methods of developing business. Exposure usually allows flaws and strange cost-cutting to cause a stink, so companies are not only interested in sustainability for good reasons (to a degree,) but also due to intense public observation.

It’s Impactful

Young people like myself feel more empowered in the modern day. Whilst I know I feel somewhat disconnected from the power of critical decision making, I feel we can certainly inform ourselves and raise awareness around certain issues to a massive degree – just look at the political uprising of the teenagers in Floria right now.

This is because we all know how the current trajectory of the world is going, and without some strong rationally led pursuits, the sustainability of the world is unlikely to be continued. It has never been more appropriate for action to take place. This develops an attitude of mutual cooperation, and the willingness to make changes.

It’s Convenient

Accessibility is one thing, but convenience is another. It’s sometimes not enough to be aware of an issue, but it must be practical in daily life.

Recycling, bring plastic bags to the supermarket, washing your clothes at 30 degrees. All these things are convenient in our daily lives and don’t make us go out of our ways to make a positive difference.

There are many examples like this where a positive contribution can save you time and effort, and even money.

In my view, being more socially responsible could be the most worthwhile thing you do this year.

As always, thanks for reading.

Hannah x


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