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Hi everyone,

If you’re anything like me, you’ll remember Gola classics as a staple brand of your school days. I remember wearing mine with skinny jeans on non-uniform days, feeling cool AF in my new kicks.

Now, fast forward eight years, and the sense of nostalgia wasn’t lost on me when Gola got in touch to work together on a collab.

These were the trainers of my teenage years, and now here I am, a fully-fledged adult, feeling every bit as amazing as I step into my new Gola Bullets in possibly my favourite clashing colour combo ever – red and pink.


I love how versatile trainers are and that they have now been accepted by the fashion world as no longer just sportswear.

There’s something about the comfort and ease of being able to walk anywhere – fast – and knowing that your feet won’t hurt at the end of the day. Even my smallest heeled boots still seem to make my feet ache after a heavy shopping session! #firstworldproblems

I feel like this Topshop Cadillac shirt and my new Golas were an absolute match made in HEAVEN.

I do love a bit of matchy-matchy colour coordination as this outfit probably shows and I’ve gone a bit beret crazy on my blog and The Gram recently so you’ll have to forgive me for that – the reason being you can buy plain coloured ones on Ebay for £4 each! £4 people!!

This painted statement leather jacket is from Urban Outfitters but via Depop at about half the price. You can’t see in these shots but it has “Seen better days” painted in white on the back – I saw another blogger wearing it on Instagram and it just made me laugh – I thought, what better jacket to wear when you have a raging hangover?

If I hadn’t worn my Golas with this outfit, I think I would have paired them with my black vinyl trousers and a big, oversized, chunky knit.



What do you guys think of the Gola Bullet collection?

As always, thanks for reading.

H x



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