I have FINALLY found a Sheffield hairdressers! Introducing DUO Hairdressing Lounge, Dronfield

Hey everyone,

Today I want to you about a subject very close to us girl’s hearts… and that’s our hair!

I’ve lived in Sheffield for five years now, and up until the end of last year I would always travel back to my parents in Leicestershire to go to the same hairdressers I’ve been to since, well forever.

My hair is fairly low maintenance but let’s be real, it was getting a bit ridiculous. So when I decided I wanted to dye my hair, I went to a salon in Sheffield based on a recommendation.

Long story short, they dyed my hair medium brown instead of the dark brown I’d asked and did nothing to put my mind at ease through the whole process – as I’d never dyed my hair before I was really nervous and they just didn’t give me much confidence that they were going to get it right.

Not a great start, right?

As chance would have it, I then happened to meet a lovely lady called Joanne through a friend whilst I was out for drinks.

She has just taken over what was, at the time, Katie Weeds salon in Dronfield. They’ve recently rebranded to DUO Hair and Beauty Lounge.

We got on really well and when she suggested that I come down to get my hair redyed and cut I thought, second time lucky let’s go for it!

The team at the re-launch event



My experience at DUO couldn’t have been more different, nor better. Joanne dyed my hair the perfect colour that completely matched my extensions and cut it beautifully.

Even though I ow have dyed hair, I would honestly say that my hair has never been in better condition nor looked thicker.

As I struggle with fine hair, I had never experimented with shorter layers but the ones Joanne put in have given it body that it’s never had before, and the thickening product they recommended is the best one I’ve ever tried (and I have tried a LOT!) – it’s called Joico Hair Shake.

I know just how hard it is to find a genuinely good hairdressers and I really couldn’t recommend DUO enough.

They’re only a 5 minute train ride from Sheffield and have been amazing each time I’ve been since.

If you’re looking for a consistently good, well-priced hairdressers in the Sheffield area then DUO are the place to go.

As always, thanks for reading!

Hannah x


DUO kindly cut and coloured my hair for free in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

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