So You’ve Decided To Go Freelance – What Next?

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So you’ve decided to go freelance – now, what next?

If you have spent a long time working as a freelancer from home, you know the joy that comes with working in your pyjamas with your feet up on the sofa. But, let’s be honest; being a freelancer at home can limit you a little when it comes to having a professional looking premises where you can meet up with clients.

Similarly, working in your PJs from the sofa or bed isn’t the best environment for you to be able to get the most from yourself OR your productivity.

Of course, you can head to the nearest Starbucks to your clients and meet for a coffee – you could do that if you had an office, too. However, sometimes it’s just not in the budget to account for coffees when you’re meeting several clients a week. Also, the idea of being freelance was to choose for yourself and sometimes, PJs and the sofa are a better offer than wading through commuter traffic on public transport for an overpriced coffee.

However sometimes, the best solution is to have an office, and not work from home.

When your client list is growing and your business is growing as a result, the demand on you for more work can blur the lines between being at home and being in the office. This means that you spend more time working at home and less time relaxing. So, if you choose to meet clients all the time, weigh up whether an office is a good solution, because this way, clients can come to you. A part of having an office is an office budget, and this is something that you need to think about before you get renting one. With that in mind, what are some of the things that you need to think about for your office budget?

  • Hiring Cleaners. Unless you are renting an office that is a serviced one, you need to consider how much a cleaner will cost you. ServiceMaster Mercia are an outside commercial cleaning company that offer cleaning to businesses. Consider the way that you want your office to look, then work out if a cleaner fits into your budget.
  • Make A List. If your little office is just you, do you really need a dozen pens? Do you need all the notebooks and binders that you’ve circled in the stationery magazines? Probably not. The best thing you could do is write a list of the things that you absolutely need – down to the PostIt Notes – and then purchase into that list.
  • Digital Alternatives. As much as possible, invest in digital alternatives for things in your office. For example, it could be beneficial to your business to have telephone routing that is compatible for your smartphone. This is a great idea, because you get to save space with those giant phones on the desks being obsolete. You can do the same thing by using digital filing systems and scanning everything that is relevant into an online system. This will save filing cabinet space.

Having a whole new office just for you is a big deal and a step up for yourself as a freelancer. Make it a professional one and watch yourself rise through the ranks.

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