The Perfect Christmas Gift For Every Kinda Bloke #AD

Hey gang,

There’s no denying that men are an absolute PAIN to buy for.

Whilst us women have been mentally planning our Christmas lists since Summer, the men in our lives are generally quite the opposite.

Asking Chaz “What do you want for Christmas?” is a bit like asking him where he wants to go on holiday 2021. Not a bloody clue. 

I’m not a fan of boring, typical male-kinda presents, you know the drill – socks, shower gel sets, boring boring borrrrring.

But what I do like giving is a lot like what I like buying for myself – CLOTHES.

Back in my single days, one of the main appeals of getting a boyfriend was so I have someone I can dress up with and get all cute and colou-coordinated at weddings and halloween. Judge me as you wish.

So with this in mind, it’s my great delight to bring you this little male-inspired Christmas list post for the man in your life sponsored by the good eggs at Jacamo

For The Cheeky Chappy

This one’s for the lovable rogue in our lives.

You know the type – always up for a laugh but give him a few too many pints of lager, the football and a few mates at the weekend and he suddenly regresses to behaviour similar to what you’d find in a form full of Year 8 boys. Often leaves you wondering when you took your PGSE qualification.

His personal style is very “No one understands me but Liam Gallaghar” meets “Okay I’ll come to the pub, but only for just one.”

This French Connection polo will be perfect, then.

For The Suave Gent

This Suave Gent is a high-maintaince fella who is pretty hard to buy for due to his impeccable grooming and style standards.

He will often be found in the gym flexing at himself in the mirror or styling his hair long after you’re all ready to go. 

David Gandy and Jordan Belfort are his idols and he’ll often be found posting motivational quotes on Instagram to encourage his followers to also spend their free time drinking egg whites in their protein shake.

The Suarve Gent loves ANY EXCUSE to wear a suit and hashtag #mensstyle on Instagram so you’re best to get him something that will appease these two favored past times of his.

This wool check coat is an absolute steal at £60 and will be sure to go down a treat.

For The Social Recluse

The Social Recluse is a lovable character once you get to know him, but he’s not one for excessive socialising – especially at Christmas time. 

He’d much rather stay home and play Call of Duty or watch an hour long documentary on The Ulluminati.

Seeing as The Social Recluse’s favoruite place to spend time is at home, when present buying for him you ought to go straight to the obvious – PJS and loungewear.

It pays to have nice, quality loungewear and PJs that will last and keep their quality and that’s why these Chilling PJs will be the perfect present for him.

No naff snowman prints, no cringey slogans, just pure, raw comfort. 

There’s still time to order in time for Christmas with Jacamo as you can order up until 11pm for next day delivery. 

That means less time last-minute panic shopping in town and more time with a mulled wine in front of the telly. Can’t be bad, hey?

Until next time, thanks for reading.

Hannah x


This post was kindly sponsored by Jacamo.

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