Why starting a blog could be the best thing you’ve ever done

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Have you been thinking about starting a new hobby? Perhaps your new year’s resolution for 2019 was to take up something new in your spare time.

You might have thought about things like reading more, or taking up a new sport, but I’ve got another idea for you – why not start your own blog?

So many people blog these days, and they have been able to create an online community that can help them thrive. But that’s not the only reason why you might want to think about blogging as a new hobby. Here are some other amazing reasons why starting a blog could be a rewarding way to spend your free time.

PIt’s A Rewarding Challenge

Setting up a new blog can be quite challenging, especially if you don’t really have any experience of creating a website in the first place. After all, you will need to do a lot more than simply write blog posts. For starters, you need to set up a site to host the blog on. Thankfully, this isn’t too hard as there are many great blogging sites that you can use like Squarespace and WordPress. These websites have easy-to-use templates that you can easily use to create a stylish website. Then, once the site is ready to go, you can quickly write and publish your articles through the same platforms. Of course, setting up the blog isn’t the only challenge you will face. You will also need to increase your audience and maintain a steady rise in readership, which can be quite testing at times.

PYou’ll Learn New Things

Blogging also gives you the chance to learn new skills too. For instance, if you have never written anything for publishing before, you will need to brush up on your writing skills. Using various social media platforms is another skill that is required by bloggers, as using platforms like Twitter and Facebook can help you increase your audience. Even if you aren’t new to social media, you will still need to improve your skills to ensure that your tweets and updates get seen by as many people as possible. One other thing that you might not expect is that you could end up learning a lot about yourself!

You Could Earn Some Money

These days, it can be incredibly easy to monetise a blog. Once you have a large enough audience, there are a few ways you can make some money from the site – you might be amazed at just how much you could make if your readership is quite large! For example, if you start to add some affiliate links to the blogs, then you will earn a small amount whenever a reader clicks on the link. As you can tell, if you have a lot of readers, then there is the chance to earn quite a bit from their clicking on the affiliate links. That’s not the only way to make money from a blog, though. You might find that some brands or companies approach you to find out about advertising on your site. You can of course charge them for this, and most companies will be willing to pay quite a lot if you have a lot of readers every week.

It Could Turn Into A Full-Time Job

Blogging can become very lucrative if you do well at monetising the site. In fact, for some bloggers it becomes a full-time job. This will of course require you to take blogging a bit more seriously than just doing it as a hobby. As well as writing regular blog posts and producing content, you will also need to work on some of the more technical aspects of running a website, like working on its SEO. Thankfully, there will be a local SEO agency who will also be able to get you started with the basics. Only by taking the blog seriously in this way, will you be able to earn a decent full-time income from it.

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