3 reasons why boredom can actually be a breakthrough

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There are pretty much an unlimited number of different entertainment options out there today, to make sure that you never have to feel bored if you don’t want to.

With a couple of button taps, you can catch up on your choice of shows via Netflix, Amazon on Prime, or just the web at large.

But sometimes, there’s so much out there that by sheer volume alone you find yourself overcome with options and as a result, getting bored.

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But sometimes, being bored can be a good thing. In this blog, I’ll show you why.

  1. Overstimulation in your life makes you jaded – and that all has to do with the neurotransmitter dopamine

A recently released book, called “The Molecule of More,” looks at the powerful role that the neurotransmitter dopamine plays in all our lives.

To cut a long story short, dopamine is the neurotransmitter that makes us enthusiastic about things, and that drives us to get out there in the world and pursue stuff.

Overstimulation in your life – such as through constantly hyping yourself up on the latest shows, entertaining yourself with your phone whenever you’re bored for five minutes, watching porn, or obsessively playing video games – causes dopamine burnout, where your dopamine receptors are overstimulated, and therefore become less sensitive.

The consequence of this is that you need more and more hyperstimulation in order to feel as good as you did before, and more and more of the world will seem boring and dull, as a result.

By practising the art of being bored on purpose, from time to time, you can help to uncover a bit more of the excitement and enthusiasm you once felt for everyday activities.

You should also look to your overall health. Good health has a lot to do with the balance of different hormones and chemicals in your body. I tend to have low folic acid which makes me tired and I struggle to remember to each enough fibre (I use a company called boostmyfibre for supplements instead).

  1. Because your ability to work deeply and succeed in your career, may come down to how comfortable you can get with “boredom”

The academic and writer Cal Newport argues that getting comfortable with boredom is important for mastering the ability to do what he calls “Deep Work.”

This deep work is basically work where you are completely focused on the task at hand, and don’t allow yourself to fall prey to any distractions – not even checking your email, or picking up your phone.

Evidence shows that this kind of focus is a skill that needs to be developed, by reducing distractions. So, getting bored from time to time may help your career.

2. It can help you to take a step back and identify what’s really meaningful in your life

If you’re always filling every spare or empty moment with some kind of entertainment or distraction, you’re probably not leaving a lot of time available for proper reflection.

In life, it’s often important to take a step back from time to time, and to identify what’s really meaningful to you.

It might be that you’re in a rut at work, and are unhappy with things in your private life, but have covered those feelings up with a distraction. By stepping back from time to time, and being alone with your thoughts, you can help to get to the bottom of what’s bothering you in life, and to find solutions to those problems.

As always, thanks for reading.

Hannah x


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