How to find your personal style

Hey guys,

Clothes, wonderful clothes.

I can’t imagine how much more money I’d have in the bank if it weren’t for my insatiable love of all things fashion.

But, we all enjoy spending money on different things and dressing well is the number one way I feel empowered on a daily basis.

Your clothes have a lot to answer for. They are one of the main ways you express yourself, and you feel stylish and comfortable in whatever you choose to wear (or at least, you hope to!).

They make you look casual when you’re out with your friends, and they make you look professional when you’re at work.

They keep you warm in the winter, and they help to air you out during the hot months of summer. All in all, your clothes have a lot of purpose to them.

But when you go out to buy some new pieces, you always have one question on your mind: will these suit me?

Are They in Your Style?

You have a style already, don’t you? Even when you think you’re quite versatile with what you wear, you’re always going to be favouring clothes that have certain elements to them.

Take a look through your wardrobe now, and try to notice the patterns. How many flannel shirts do you own? How many pairs of high waisted shorts? Are your hangers adorned with all kinds of ribbed tops?

As you can see, you’re always going to be buying something in a certain style. And once you know this style, you’re going to be much better at guessing if the clothes in the store will look good on you or not!

Do They Have Some Room?

Forget what the clothes look like on the mannequins that are dressed up in them! These models rarely ever have the same proportions as actual human beings, and they’re always going to look thin and trim in whatever ensemble that’s been set up that day.

Instead, look to the clothes that have some room to them, particularly in the chest region and in the arms. These are the pieces you want to be spending your money on!

Because when an outfit has some room to it, you can be sure that your body is going to fit into them, and be comfortable as it does so.

You’re going to have room to move and breathe, and you won’t worry about whether something is riding up back to its unnatural shape, or contorting around you as you try to breathe!

Take Some Photos and Study Them

Just a final, little exercise to go through. Put some of your fave outfits on and take some pictures – what do you see in them? What clothing or colour combinations do you favour? What shoes do you like to pair with skinny jeans?

Once again, this is a part of knowing your style – take these pics with you into the shops, and search for similar pieces to start pairing together!

As always, thanks for reading.
Hannah x


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