How to keep workout motivation

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Working out can be difficult, and this is especially the case when you lack motivation.

You may struggle to see the point in what you’re doing, and you may even find it difficult to carry on.

If this sounds like you then you have nothing to worry about because there are plenty of things that you can do to help yourself get the best result out of your workout.

Change your Perspective

It’s so important that you shift your mindset so that you actually think like an athlete.

This may sound like an undeniably huge challenge, but it’s not as hard as you’d think.

If you want to do this then you need to take inspiration from other people. You also need to reinforce your positive thinking, as well as trying to encourage others around you to make a change too.

This will really help you to stay focused and it will also help you to become more motivated on a daily basis.

Set Goals

There is quite possibly nothing more motivating than visualising a goal and then achieving it. It doesn’t matter what goals you set for yourself, as long as they are realistic.

You could sign up for an organised race, or you might even want to fit into one of your favourite bikinis again.

Either way, you need to define it and you also need to revisit it on a daily basis.

By doing this, you can then begin to feel more confident and you can also really push yourself to go that extra mile.

Regular Workouts

Routine is everything when working out. It doesn’t matter whether you do it in the morning, at night or even on your break from work because consistency is key.

When you start planning your workout schedule, you have to make sure that you start out slow and then build it up over time.

So set an alarm and then workout for 30 minutes one week, and then increase it to 45 minutes the next. When you do this, you will have much more energy during the day and you will also find it much easier to stick to your new venture.

The last thing that you want to do is try and “fit it in” at some point. If you do this then life’s commitments will catch up with you and you will almost certainly fail.

You may find that a last-minute invitation comes along or even that the weather takes a turn for the worst, and this can be very demotivating to say the least.

If you are still struggling with motivation, then you will be glad to know that there are plenty of apps that you can download to try and help with your schedule.


Humans need change and lots of variety by nature. It’s also important that you incorporate some fun too.

It doesn’t matter whether you go to a sculpting and toning class, or whether you go on a brand-new trail that you have never been on before because it is so important that you change up your routine from time to time.

You also need to try and do a variety of different exercises too. Sure, you may think that spin class is the best way for you to get fit but if you don’t enjoy it then it isn’t going to do much for your motivation.

Try and find an exercise that you love, and then find ways to shake things up from time to time. Workout variety helps to challenge your body in more ways than one and it can also help to introduce new workouts that you didn’t know about.

If you find it hard to get out of the house to workout then you have nothing to worry about because there are things that you can do.

For example, you could try a workout DVD or you could even download some yoga lessons. Things like this are great if you are low on time and they also mean that you don’t have to get out all of your workout gear.


It’s understandable that you would find it difficult to ask for help. If you want to stick at your fitness regime however, then you need to get encouragement from others and you also need to try and get your family involved too.

The more you can build it into your way of life, the easier it will be to stick at, so you really do need to keep that in mind.

If you are not sure how to start doing this then instead of watching television with your family, go out on a run together. You might also want to go bike riding too.

This will help you to get everyone involved and when one person doesn’t have the motivation, the others will so it really helps to create a solid support network. If you want to take things to that next level, then why not consider hiring a personal trainer?

If someone you know is a personal trainer then this is great, but you do have to make sure that they get personal trainer insurance.


If you aren’t willing to invest in yourself then you can’t hope to get very far at all.

You need to be willing to pay for that workout class, or even for that gym membership because if you don’t believe in yourself enough to make that payment then you may struggle to stick at it in the long run.

Sometimes paying for a gym membership can make you more likely to go as well because you want to make the most out of your money.

Remember that annual memberships are much cheaper when compared to monthly payments too, so if you are concerned about paying then you should certainly look into this as an option.

If you are able to get free classes as part of your membership, then this is another bonus that you really do need to take advantage of.

As always, thanks for reading!
Hannah x


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