How to make your business more secure

Keeping your business secure from thieves and hackers doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are just a few simple and effective ways to keep your business secure.

Stop using unmemorable passwords

Many of us are taught that the best passwords are completely random combinations of numbers and letters (uppercase and lowercase). Whilst such passwords are definitely secure, they’re often not very memorable, which causes many people to forget them. Fortunately, there is a way to create passwords that are both memorable and secure. One way involves using multiple words shoved together – ideally more than four words and they should not be related to one another (e.g. ‘PurpleBananaVertigoLightning’) Such passwords are just as difficult for hackers to crack and are a lot easier to remember than something like ‘1w674H9ygJy’.

Get on the cloud

When it comes to backing up files, the cloud is one of the most secure and easiest options. When you store data on the cloud, it gets stored on a remote server. This means that if your computers get stolen or if a hacker takes over your machine, you’ll still be able to access your files from another device. There are many cloud storage companies that you can use – many of which charge very low fees. Instances of cloud servers getting hacked is very rare – such servers have some of the strongest levels of digital security.

Outsource security advice

In certain industries, security laws can be a little complex. Rather than having to make sense of these yourself, it’s worth outsourcing security advisors that can help you abide by these laws. This may involve helping you to understand how technology can help you be FCA compliant or ensuring that your site’s payment gateway is secure. This can save you having to hire an in-house security expert or having to educate yourself on the complexities.

Use simple physical deterrants

When it comes to preventing burglaries, often simple deterrents can be just as effective as warding off burglars as complex alarm systems. A good example is exterior lighting – by making it harder to break in to your business premises unseen, you’ll deter many burglars with this simple trick. Motion sensing lighting can save you energy by only lighting up when people are around. As for CCTV, if you’re on a tight budget you may not even need to invest in a full surveillance system – dummy cameras can be just as much of a deterrent by making people believe they’re being watched (that said, if you can afford a full working camera you should get one).

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