The undeniable benefits of a staycation

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If can’t afford to travel this year, or you simply can’t be bothered with all of the hassles that come with a trip away, then you might want to consider the benefits of a summer staycation. This might actually be your preferred choice, regardless of your financial situation.

#1: A summer staycation is good for your mental health


Here’s something that goes against the grain a little, as most people will tell you getting away from your surroundings for a few days will do wonders for your mental health. And in many ways, they’re right! However, how many times have you needed another vacation after coming back from a vacation? In terms of reducing stress, going away on holiday isn’t always the better option. You have to deal with the heavy traffic on the roads when you’re heading to the airport. You then have to cope with the potential frustration of delayed flights and lost luggage. And when you have actually made it to your chosen destination, you have to put up with overcrowded holiday resorts, the dash from A to B when you’re trying to fulfil your travel itinerary, as well as the many travel stresses that are listed here. No wonder many of us come home feeling more than a little frazzled!

However, you can reduce some of your stress if you have a staycation. We aren’t saying you should stay at home all day, as there are bound to be places near you that are worth visiting, so do your research. The benefit here is that you won’t have to travel far to get to them, and you won’t have to hurry around as you can go at your own pace when you’re exploring. You can spend more time with your friends too, catching up with the people who are guaranteed to help you unwind, instead of flying halfway around the world away from them. And if you want to spend all of your summer at home, that’s fine. So long as you find ways to relax instead of worrying about household chores and other domestic demands, you might get the peace you have been craving. Catch up with books you have been meaning to read, finish off your Netflix box sets, chill out in your garden, and give yourself the hotel experience with a spa day consisting of long soaks in a bubble bath and homemade facial treatments. Top it off with a few relaxing candles and some peaceful music, wear one of these hotel quality bathrobes from Richard Haworth, and you might just forget you are at home and not at some fancy luxury hotel.

From a psychological perspective, in some ways, going nowhere is the most relaxing vacation you can take. You have the freedom to do what you want and when you want, without anybody else, be that a travel companion or tour guide, trying to encroach on your relaxation time. For your mental health then, a staycation is worth considering.

#2: A staycation is cheaper than a vacation


Think about it. How much money do you spend on a vacation? You have the flight costs to consider (alongside unfair airline fees). You have to pay for accommodation. If you’re eating out every day, you will face further demands on your pocket. And if you can’t but help pack your shopping bags with expensive (but potentially useless) souvenirs, you are looking at another expense, be they for yourself or your friends and family back at home. Ouch! Now, there are ways to reduce the damage to your bank account. You could research cheaper flights and places of accommodation, perhaps with the aid of one of these useful travel apps. But if you really want to save money, you could opt for a staycation instead!

In some ways, you don’t have to spend very much money at all on a staycation. You can spend more of your time exploring your home town, perhaps venturing into local attractions that won’t cost you a penny. You can prepare meals with foods that you already have in your kitchen. There may be festivals and summer fairs near you, as well as other special events in your community that won’t cost the earth. And if you have a family to consider, you can also find free and cheap things to do with the kids by committing to research online and looking for anything happening near you. You might also set up a tent in your back garden and spend a night under the stars!

Of course, you are still at liberty to spend money if you have any available funds. You could treat yourself to something nice from your local fashion boutique. You could eat at the latest restaurant that has opened up in town. You could take a magical day trip to any place that interests you a car journey ride away. And with the extra money you have saved by not going on vacation, there might be other ways to spend the cash in your pocket. While you shouldn’t bankrupt yourself by going on wild spending sprees, you might still have more money at the end of the day than you would after being on vacation.

And so…

If you do decide to opt for a summer staycation, and to make sure you do feel the benefits, you need to get yourself ready for the occasion.

So, you might want to give your house a good cleanup in advance, and you might want to get on top of any household repairs. You won’t be able to relax if your home isn’t conducive to a positive mental mindset, so do all the preparations necessary.

You should also give yourself time away from work-related matters. So, don’t be tempted to look at your work emails. Turn off your work phone if you have one. And let your boss and colleagues know that you aren’t to be disturbed, so you aren’t reminded about your job when you’re trying to relax at home.

By taking these steps, and considering the staycation benefits we have advocated, you should have a wonderful time this summer if you do decide to stay put instead of going away.

Take care, and thanks for reading!

Hannah x


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