How to prepare for the unexpected

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It’s a little bit of an oxymoron to ask that you can expect the unexpected, but what we can do is prepare for them by having an emergency fund in place should the worst happen.

Life can be a little like a game of Jumanji sometimes, so being as prepared as possible is always the best idea, and you will thank yourself for it in the end!

Mechanical Faults

If you have a car to run you will know it takes money to keep it going, even the basics such as the insurance, petrol, MOT and tyres (that ALWAYS need replacing at the worst times) costs a lot every month.

But sometimes it’s worse than that, something crops up on the MOT that needs fixing urgently, or a headlight stops working suddenly, in the winter when it’s most inconvenient of course. Then you find yourself in the Jaguar Service & Repairs quicker than you can say “Great!”.

So what can you do to prepare for this? Well, a great idea is to have an emergency fund, but also servicing the car regularly, keeping the tyre air pressure correct and even keeping the car clean and polished all help to maintain the vehicle thoroughly and avoid any problems further down the line. 


The main problem with being ill is usually that you don’t have the money coming in that you would if you weren’t sick, unless you have a very generous boss of course, and usually this has a knock-on effect in all areas of your life.

Of course, worrying about your bills while you’re in your sickbed watching Netflix isn’t helpful and won’t see you well again quickly if you’re not relaxed. As with a car, maintenance on yourself is just as important, if not more so!

It’s not all about going to the gym twice a day and only drinking smoothies, but if you can get at least 30 mins a week of exercise and eat your five a day, then you’re well on the way to avoiding illnesses and needing time off work in the first place. 

Pet Problems

When you buy your pet and bring them home, it’s very exciting, and you can easily end up missing out the essential parts of pet ownership, such as microchipping, researching top quality food and pet insurance.

Hopefully, nothing bad will ever happen to your dog, for example, but being able to get them help immediately without worrying about if you can afford it is a big thing, and responsible pet owners will always ensure their furry friends can get the help they need! 

Some vets offer payment plans and discount rewards when you sign up to their services, so doing some research when you get your pet at first will save a lot of heartache in the long run. 

Ultimately it’s all a balancing act and keeping everything covered all the time can be tricky, but if you have a little emergency fund, make sure you’re keeping up with the maintenance and insurance on all your precious items then you can’t go far wrong.

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