Want to change your career? Here’s 10 reasons to go for it

This pandemic is kicking everyone’s butt right now. Everyone who is stuck inside working is desperate to get back to an office that they hate even if just to have somewhere to be. No one is thinking about whether they actually like the job that they are doing; they just want to be able to head somewhere everyday that makes them get out of the house! If you are dreading getting back to your job, it’s not because you don’t like the space in which you’re working, but perhaps you’ve figured out that you don’t want to be in the job at all

Most people figure out in a pandemic what really matters: it’s a side effect of being forced into thinking clearly about what you want for your future! The thing is, you do not have to be unhappy with your career – because you have the power to change it. Right now, you are stuck inside and that makes this the perfect time to think about what you truly want from life. Enough of being fed up. Enough of unhappiness. Enough of sticking in your comfort zone so that you don’t upset the status quo. It’s time to turn the status quo on its head and change things around a little. You need to remember that you deserve happiness and you deserve to shake up your life if that’s what it’s going to take. 

With all of this in mine, let’s check out ten compelling reasons that you should absolutely change your career – you know, as soon as lockdown is over!

  1. You Should Change It If… You Didn’t Pick Your Current Job

You know how it happens: you grow up into your teens and the deep-rooted need to impress your parents takes over. You want to be in recruitment and HR, but your parents want you to be in IT. So instead of taking the course you wanted to take at Norwich University, you take an IT course and do a completely different course – one you didn’t want. Sure, you got your degree, but it’s not the field in which you wanted to work, and you are now stuck. Except that you are not. You now know what it is that you wanted to do with your life, and it’s right now that you have the chance to make a change. It’s nice to impress parents, but it’s even nicer to stand up for yourself!

  • You Should Change It If… You Want To Be More Creative

Learning that you are doing something that doesn’t light you up on the inside is heart-wrenching. You have finally figured out that you should be doing something more soulful, more creative and more you. There is nothing stopping you from taking those steps and doing something better and more fun. Figure out the path that you need to take and get that creative hat on!

  • You Should Change It If… You’re Bored!

Perhaps the pandemic that’s kept you on lockdown has helped. Perhaps you’ve realised that you are exceptionally bored with your lot and you want out. Either way, you do not need to live a life of boredom and sadness. You do, however, need to live a life of fun!

  • You Should Change It If… You’ve Reached Your Limits

When you feel like there is nothing left to learn, you need to reach out and find what can make you feel hungry for more. The challenges need to be there and you shouldn’t have to repeat the same lessons over and over – you just need to choose new lessons to learn. But, choose things that you will forever be learning from. Don’t pick something with another low ceiling!

  • You Should Change It If… You’re Feeling Old

Life is going to slip past you as sure as the waves crash onto the beach. You need to remember that you are not getting any younger, and if you feel old, you should make a change that makes sense to you. You do not want to get to your sixties and wish that you had done the thing you want to do with your life. You should just get on and do it while you can.

  • You Should Change It If… You Have Transferable Skills

It can be so easy to switch careers and most people don’t even realise it! You have skills under your belt that you can take with you to a new industry. You may not know it, but you’re qualified to do other things, so why don’t you go and do it? Go and try. You won’t know if you don’t!

  • You Should Change It If… You Can See A Space For You

Finding the right opportunity is half the battle, but it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. You need to change industries if you feel like you should. You need to earn more money, learn new things, qualify, grow. If you can see a space for you in a new industry, you need to slip into that space and embrace it!

  • You Should Change It If… You Want More Cash

Oh, the best reason to change careers, of course. You can earn more money in a better job. Sometimes, you can earn more money in an entirely new industry, and you can go for it if you really want it. There’s nothing stopping you from changing your life and doing something new – and if you can earn more money doing it then you should!

  • You Should Change It If… Your Personal Life Has Changed

Your personal life has a direct effect on your working life, and if you try to pretend otherwise you are kidding yourself. Sometimes, a career change comes with an international move or a marriage or even a baby. You need to look at what you want as your life changes and assess it from there.

  • You Should Change It If… You’re Burnt Out

When you are fed up with the life that you are living, you can truly burn yourself out. Stop pushing yourself through the job you hate and go and grab the job you want, instead.


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