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Hello everyone!

I am delighted that you find yourself here, reading the humble beginnings of my very first post as The Sheffielder, a UK lifestyle blog centered around our marvelous city in the heart of South Yorkshire. 

My aim for this blog is simple: to source out, investigate, and spread the word of all the great things our city has to offer- an occupation that I have no doubt will keep me busy for quite some time. Whether it be the independent cafe around the corner that does the best cappuccinos in town, or the understated vintage boutique nestled in a side street somewhere, if it’s lovely and it’s local I’ll be writing about it- Spreading the word to introduce you, lovely followers, to something that’s going to in any way, big or small, make your day just that little bit better. 

As well as this there will be posts on all manner of things, from fashion and style, health & fitness trends, and maybe even the odd social comment- I have often found that people as individuals are stimuli for the most raw and interesting writing.

So why am I doing this? There’s a million lifestyle blogs out there, a pessimist might say “why bother?” (Luckily I’m not one, nor are any of my closest friends. Though if they were I’d probably just carry on anyway!)

Without getting too deep (after all, this is only our first date!) over the past few months I found myself, as many of us do, at a point in my life where I’d been thrown head first, into a continual string of changes. Now change, contrary to what some people believe, is not a bad thing. In fact, many changes are good. But I’d been on such a euphoric high for so many months during which my life was, simply, pretty darn wonderful, that despite my normal chameleon-like ability to positively adapt to whatever situation life throws at me, for the first time I found myself unwillingly in the midst of a long period of time where my enthusiasm for everything I used to enjoy had upped and gone. However, contrary to how they feel when you’re in them, these ruts can’t last, and gradually after identifying the sources of my unhappiness I made a conscious decision for change.

And that is where The Sheffielder came in… I needed to fall in love with life again, and what better way to start than in the city I live in. As tragically poetic as it sounds, that right there is my honest truth, my reasoning.

As for my identity? Well, here’s the fun part. In the least pretentious way possible, I figured it’d be better to keep my identity a secret- speculation makes the world go round, why fight nature? What it really comes down to is that it isn’t important who I am- it’s important who you, my readers are, as this blog is as much for me as it is for you. And without you, I’d be nothing but an individual essentially talking to themselves over the internet… though stranger things I’m sure have happened! I will say however that I am female, because for any of you who follow me on Twitter, without being gender stereotypical, it’s fairly obvious due to my habit of using a down-right inappropriate amount of girly emojis, haha!

I thoroughly hope that you will accompany me on my blogging ventures. If not, you can leave this page knowing that the fact you’ve even taken the time out of your day to read this post has already made mine, and for that I thank you thoroughly.

Until next time,

The Sheffielder


© The Sheffielder 2014


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  1. January 17, 2014 / 11:23 am

    Always room for anther blog about our wonderful and ever changing city. x

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