My first experience with Air BnB

Hello everyone!

On a cold, rainy weekend in February my other half & I hopped on a plane to visit the land of cheese, wine and pain au chocolates. 

And before you think it… no, it wasn’t that weekend in February – please, we’re not that clich√©!

Return flights from Manchester to Paris were surprisingly cheap and we fancied a bit of adventure (when don’t we?!).

So after looking at expensive hotels to no avail, I had the idea of trying out Air BnB. I’m sure you’ve heard of it – it’s an alternative website for people wanting accommodation all over the world. 

“Hosts” can rent out their spare room, whole flat or home to lodgers for a price that’s usually a much better deal than your average hotel – especially in Paris.

I’ll admit I was a little scared. I was staying in a stranger’s home… in a strange country… with a strange man (the latter’s not so bad, I’m used to him by now). 

The pictures looked nice, the reviews were good and I’d spoken to Monica the host via Air B&B messaging system prior to our visit. 

But we’d manage to secure three nights in Paris for the price of one night a swanky hotel in the same central location. One of my Dad’s favourite sayings is “If it looks to good to be true, it probably is”. Was I about to be hotel-catfished?!

Air B&B Paris flat apartment stay Parisian staircase

Air B&B Paris flat apartment stay Parisian blue door

 As you can imagine by the decedent royal blue and white staircases, thankfully not! 

The apartment was beautiful, clean and well presented and though the room wasn’t huge it was just as expected. 

Besides, we had a long weekend of sightseeing and activities planned so time spent there was fairly minimal.

See just how alike the apartment listing was to the real flat.

Air B&B Paris flat apartment stay Parisian bedroom chair interiors

Air B&B Paris flat apartment stay Parisian bedroom

Parisian stay selfie in big bathroom mirror Paris

The only thing you have to bare in mind with Air BnB is that, more often than not, you are essentially a guest in someone else’s home. 

You can come and go as you please, but different hosts vary in terms of their “house rules” and check in times.

As long as you check these things out on the listing before your visit, you should be almost guaranteed a pleasant, budget stay wherever you fancy. 

It’s not for everyone, but for me, a set up like Air BnB is great. I love meeting new people from other countries and cultures and Monica was a delightful host and certainly no exception,

Keep your eyes peeled for the next few posts which are going to be the second in my series of Travel Photo Diaries. These kinds of posts are one of my absolute favourites, as I love documenting my adventures in new cities. Paris had a tonne of good stuff to offer, all of which will be revealed sometime soon!

Upon returning from my trip, I found out that if you sign up to Air BnB via a referall link you can get a fabulous ¬£25 off your first stay. 

Annoyingly none of my friends had pointed me in the firection of this, but for those of you who may like to try you can sign up and claim the offer here.

Until next time, au revoir mon petit chou fleur.
(That means goodbye my little cabbage. For some reason that specific selection of words is one of the only things I can remember from GCSE French. Ha!)

H x


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