The Moor Market Sheffield gets cheeky for autism

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Hope you’re all well!

This time last week I was invited down to the Moor Market to celebrate their “Getting cheeky for autism” calendar launch. 

As the title probably suggests, it was a  “Calendar Girls” style calendar, adorning 12 hilarious shots of some of the markets familiar faces (and a bit more, too) – it was certainly a bit more risque than my average Wednesday night!

Photo credit: Barton Chase Inc

The calendar was done for a number of reasons. Firstly, it acted as a fun project for the market, but also as a way to raise awareness – of themselves, and of their chosen charity Buzz Sheffield.

I’ve heard there’s been comments that the new market lacks atmosphere, but I really believe that with a bit of hard work and willing, these things will come with time. 

The whole area where the market used to be is (frankly) an old, neglected part of Sheffield and not one I would ever take people to proudly. In my view, the new venue and building are 100x better and much more modern and fitting for the times.

Not only was my night at the Moor Market a really good giggle, but I couldn’t help but notice the comradery and friendship between the traders, whose families, friends and colleagues had come along out of hours just to support the launch.

Photo credit: Barton Chase Inc

The “Get cheeky for autism” calendars are only £5 each, and available now from stalls in the market.

Until next time,
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