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Hi everyone,

I had an idea a couple of weeks back that the onset of autumn and winter fashion really called for an “Autumnal style” fashion post. 

I absolutely LOVE this time of year. It’s my favourite season by far, and the fashions that come alongside it always get me a bit giddy.

At the same time, Chaz’s incredible Zara shearling coat made its first appearance of the season and I thought hey, why not get him involved too?

A “His & hers” style post was great fun to do and something a little different, so we picked out our outfits and went to meet the talented and lovely Chris of Barton Chase Inc who was our photographer for the afternoon.

We met Chris at the Masquerade Ball we went to in August, as he was the official photographer for the event. This was our first shoot with him and I have to say he’s been by far my favourite photographer I’ve ever worked with – he has an incredible energy about him and puts you at ease almost instantly.

Photo credit: Barton Chase Inc

Now, when I think of autumnal style, I think of classic leafy colours such as forest green, burgundy, browns, reds and tans. So naturally, when I first spotted this vintage suede coat in the vintage store Cow, ALL I could think about was autumn. 

My Mum did her classic one liner of “Do you really need another coat?” (coats are kind of my thing) and the answer was yes. It was that kind of “must have” moment that is reserved for very special items you find once in a blue moon.

This coat was only around £35 – considering it’s 100% suede and in like new condition. I thought that was really good value.

My two favorite vintage shops in Sheffield would have to be Mooch and Vulgar on Division Street. I always feel the items have much more of a “carefully hand picked” vibe in them both, and I can almost guarantee I’ll find something I love whenever I visit.

Photo credit: Barton Chase Inc

Photo credit: Barton Chase Inc

Now I kid you not, I spent the best part of last year searching desperately for a boot style which, at the time didn’t really have a specific name, but now (typically) this year are all the shop. Sock boots!

I bought these Primark last year for £16 but have since bought some mega pimped out versions (think the same style but in all over multicoloured glitter) so I have popped these for sale on my Depop shop – you can find my shop by searching the username hannahmccreesh.

Photo credit: Barton Chase Inc

This cute little Chloe lookalike was from Aliexpress of all places – how random! I came across it on another blog and I just had to have it. Especially as, check this, IT COST £12 (mine is the small size) – a far cry from the £1200 price attached to the real deal. At this stage of my life, I’d rather put that kind of money towards a house deposit, thanks!

My jeans are from Topshop – I’ll never buy them from anywhere else now. At £40 they’re a little pricier than other high street stores, but I can honestly say the Leigh fit is amazing, and they suck you in in all the right places.

My collarless shirt is an old find from Dorothy Perkins. I have so many white shirts, they’re such a classic wardrobe staple, but between this and an oversized, collared one from American Apparel, they by far get the most wear.

Photo credit: Barton Chase Inc

Chaz’s shearling jacket was from Zara last year, but I’m sure it’ll be available somewhere in the depths of Ebay/Depop or similar versions available on Ebay.

At £90 it was a bit more of an investment piece, but he’s worn it so much throughout the past year. You really can’t beat a good shearling coat/jacket for autumn and winter.

His fitted white ribbed polo shirt is from River Island and a great transitional piece for layering and the vintage silk paisley scarf was a gift from me from Ebay. It really ties the whole outfit together nicely – I absolutely love Ebay for a good bargain, and this scarf was no exception. I think it cost me around £10.

Now let’s talk shoes. This boy absolutely loves a good pair of shoes. These burgundy numbers have a chunky sole which makes them a little less formal, and were £50 from Pull & Bear. He had an identical pair from Topman which eventually wore out and so he found these to replace them.

Photo credit: Barton Chase Inc

I’m not going to lie, it has been a long-standing dream of mine to be one-half of a well-dressed couple. The way someone dresses would never be a deal-breaker for me, but it was a very happy coincidence that Chaz is an all-round amazing human being who also dresses amazingly as well. One of my favourite quotes is “You can have anything in life if you dress for it”.

Chaz starting his very own blog soon which will be part of his personal training website. There’ll be posts aimed at dispelling popular fitness myths, as well as fashion, lifestyle and travel. I’m so excited because it’s something I’ve told him he should do for ages now. I’ll be sure to share the link with you guys as soon as it’s live!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the post and I’ll be back writing again soon.

Until next time,
H x 


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