The velvet suit of the season by Pretty Little Thing

Hi guys,

Something weird happened to me the other day. Despite never being a huge fan of velvet, I woke up one day and decided I’d like to cover myself head to toe in the stuff.

I’m not even over-exaggerating, that’s exactly what happened. It wasn’t like I fancied “something” velvet either, I knew from the start that only a super-sassy suit would do. Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely LOVE a good suit.

Every winter without fail, high-street fashion’s idea of the Christmas season is basically velvet and sequins. I know this, because it causes me mild-mid levels amusement pretty much every year

With this in mind, I felt a velvet suit would be a classy, dressy addition to my wardrobe that could replace a tired old LBD or sequin dress. It’s something a bit different – and I like different!

I had an idea of the sort of thing I wanted, so I scoured the internet and came across this one from Pretty Little Thing – and as a matter of fact, it was the absolute epitome of what my sub-conscious self had in mind.

There’s not a lot I don’t love about this suit – I tell anyone who comments on it that I feel like Hugh Hefner, in a good way!

Photo credit: Barton Chase Inc


Photo credit: Barton Chase Inc

I think the combination of high-waist wide leg trousers with the tie belt blazer just “makes it”. Without the tie waist it’d be frumpy and shapeless, and without the wide legs I’d probably be deterred from buying it as skin-tight velvet isn’t something I’d be able to, nor want to pull off.

The only thing I could possibly complain about is the fact that, despite my 5ft7 height, I had to take it to the alterations shop to have a good 4, 5 inches cut off the length as they were so long – who are they making these trousers for?!

I feel as though I’ve spent my entire year in high-waist wide leg trousers and honestly, I couldn’t be happier. They’re so comfy and easy to style. I even have a striped pair that I fondly refer to as my “daytime pyjamas”!

I paired the suit with these awesome mirror heels from Lost Ink which I found by accident when searching for something else on Very. I have had SO many compliments since I bought them – even from the CEO of the huge organisation of which I work – if that’s not high enough praise for you, I don’t know what is!

Photo credit: Barton Chase Inc

Photo credit: Barton Chase Inc

Photo credit: Barton Chase Inc

I accessorized with my oh-so beautiful Chanel bag which goes with pretty much everything I own – silver and black are my go-to colours (can you tell)?

I’m also wearing the classic oversized fit shirt which comes in loads of colours and prints from American Apparel – though I’d head to the likes of Ebay or Depop as they’ve just gone into liquidation last week. I clearly haven’t been buying enough of their shirts, oops!

If you can spot them, I have some beautiful platinum-plated diamante earrings in which I rarely take out nowadays. I’d been searching for something similar for ages and found these in M&S for only £12.50 whilst en-route to buy some mozzarella. So really when you think about it, it was a very expensive trip for cheese!

M&S is not somewhere I would normally shop for jewellery, but their platinum range at the minute is absolutely stunning. I’d recommend having a look if you’re a magpie like me.

Anyhow, as always readers, it’s been a pleasure. I really hope you enjoyed this post, as I LOVED doing the shoot with Chris for what I would happily describe as the suit of the season. Thanks PLT!

Until next time,

H x

P.s, as always when I do photoshoots, there were some absolutely hilarious outtakes. In the interest of optimum lols in this life, I shared some of these and will continue to share the outtakes on Instagram stories and Snapchat for you to have a laugh at my expense (you’re welcome).



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