Unicorn boots


I read Dawn O’Porter’s weekly column in the Sunday Times Style magazine recently which was all about “unicorn boots”. 

It made me think about my own attention-seeking footwear – mainly these glittery numbers from Boohoo and my lovingly nicknamed silver “Space boots” from New Look.

When I first saw these boots on Boohoo, I did a little gasp. I was a case of I just had to make them mine. I mean, who doesn’t want multicoloured glittery sock boots lighting up their life on a regular basis?

The best thing about these kinds of fantastical footwear? You can have a bad hair/face/general-being day, and you needn’t worry because everyone, and I mean quite literally EVERYONE is staring at your feet.

And on that note, I’ll let them do the talking …

Because of the low lighting in the venue (god damn you 3pm sunsets), you can’t quite see just how multicoloured and sparkly the boots are in person, so I’ve put together a little collage to shop the post below. 

Scarlet multi glitter sock boots – Boohoo, £40
Skinny scarf with tassel end – Topshop, £10
Black jamie jeans – Topshop, £40
V neck box blouse – Matalan, £12
Double breast bonded coat – Asos, £70

In other news, HOW CUTE is this scarf from Topshop?! It’s my new favourite accessory of the season.

Do you have any unicorn boots? If so, we should probably be friends!

Until next time,


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