A virtual stylist in your pocket? Introducing DV Closet #ad

Hi everyone!

Today I want to pose a question – just how many times have you been unsure about an outfit? Perhaps the black vs the red shoes? Or the cream clutch with the white dress? Boyfriends and husbands are (rarely) any help and if you’re like me, you’ll end up resorting to Snapchatting any available best friend for fashion advice at 11pm on Sunday night – not ideal!

So when the new virtual styling service DV Closet got in touch to tell me they could solve my fashion woes from the comfort of my own home, I was sold – both on the app, and on helping them to spread the word via my blog, too.

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DV stands for Danae Varangis, both founder of the app and also one of the “fashionistas” offering advice. I decided to try the app for myself and she, like everyone else I encountered, was absolutely lovely and one of the first things that struck me when using it was the real sense of community.

I, like many other I’m sure, have often found that female-dominated scenarios can be quite intimidating – even online – but this was far from the case here. In fact, it was an incredibly positive and inclusive experience.

Once you’re in the app it has a tonne of awesome features, from inviting my friends to exchange outfit photos and opinions to being able to send outfit queries to fashionistas and professional stylists – it really can do it all when it comes to helping out with your wardrobe-related worries.

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They even have a blog section where you can catch up with topical posts on the latest fashion trends AND they’ve recently launched a genderless fashion line in collaboration with high-end greek fashion brand Maison Faliakos – just take a look here.

As I live on my own, having advice “on tap” from both other women and stylists literally whenever I needed it was, and now is, an invaluable asset to my daily life.

In a world of instant gratification, it was about time that fashion caught up. Sometimes, you really just need a second opinion and DV Closet has found an easy and convenient way to be just that!

And it seems that I’m not alone in my views – recent research commissioned by the company found that the more traditional “personal shopping” is being replaced by virtual styling. Indeed, just 15% of all respondents said they had used a personal shopper in the past and 59% said they would use a vortual styling app for fashion advice.

So what are you waiting for? Join me, download the app, and let’s help one another to look and feel our best.


H x


This post was kindly sponsored by DV Closet.

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