3 reasons for a cosy autumnal night in

Hi everyone,

Now, I’m not saying that the Summer months aren’t great in their own right (who doesn’t love working in an office with no air-con eh?) but with the onset of autumn comes with it the excuse to do what I love doing best… staying in for a warm, cosy night!

While summer is all about going out and socialising, autumn encourages us to do the opposite.

Instead of feeling obliged to head out in the evening to “make the most of the weather”, finally I can crawl into my pyjamas and relax after work. 

So, to welcome this season in the manner it deserves, here is an ode to nights in. Or at least, a look at the best parts of the practice.

A chance to recharge

While the Summer months are fun, for me, they’re always incredibly hectic and busy and for many, like me, they don’t always do our mental health much good.

By comparison, nights in are a fantastic way to recharge our batteries and do all the things that make us happy.

 There’s nothing I love more than having the time to start a new book and get lost in it for hours.

Now, I can light a candle, put on my favourite record, and get lost in a new book.

Too often, we forget how important practices like these are. 

An excuse to kit your home out with new interiors

A love a good autumnal interior theme so no quicker than the pumpkin spice latets are out in full-force at Starbucks, I’ll be planning the ways in which I can change my flat decor to fit in with the season.

Nothing beats curling up with a blanket when it’s cold and dark outside so I like to invest in some throws to match my bedroom decor.

Candles are another must. But, to opt for maximum night in enjoyment, it’s worth upping the stakes a little.

To get into a good habit, it might be worth investing in a little living room redesign.

I have always wanted to own a chesterfield sofa, so I’m going to be browsing the chesterfield leather sofa sale to find one I can make a permanent Hannah-shaped groove throughout the winter months.

A way to escape the cold

Nights in are the perfect way to escape the cold. Nothing beats cranking the heat when you get home and knowing that you don’t have to leave again!

You can shuffle into your slippers, put the kettle on, and forget about the distinct chill in the air.

If you really wanted to warm your bones, you could even take the excuse to run yourself a bath. Because who doesn’t love a few bubbles on a cold night?

The evenings getting darker can be a depressing time in a lot of ways, but there are always plus-sides like the above. I’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t love a good, cosy night in!


Hannah x


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