Jewellery lover? You need to know about Azendi

Hi everyone,

Today I’m really excited  to introduce to you a Yorkshire-based jewellery brand that came onto my radar at the start of this year – and that’s Azendi.

My first time in an Azendi store was during a trip to Harrogate with my parents. I distinctly remember going into the store alongside my Mum (a fellow jewellery lover) and being struck by how very “me” everything in there was – which is a real achievement as I have very specific taste in jewellery! I bought a beautiful H initial necklace and from then on, I was hooked.

Fast forward a few months and I came across their beautiful store in Leeds and again had to try hard not to buy pretty much everything in there! It was then that I decided that I would reach out to them to see if they’d be interested in doing a collaboration post all about my Azendi collection – and much to my happiness, they did!

I hope the fact that I approached them really does speak volumes about how much I like the brand. One of the great things about being a blogger is that you get approached by people regularly who want to work with you, but every so often I do like to make the first move if I find a brand that I really want to work with.

Though Azendi do some beautiful gold, rose gold and two tone jewellery the main bulk of their necklaces, bracelets and rings are sterling silver. I’m a big silver girl me, I do like gold but I just don’t feel it suits my skin tone unless I’m tanned (which sadly is only like 30% of the time)!

Having sworn against it for so long, I have actually really, really come round to rose gold this year. I feel like when it first started being sold by retailers it was a really shiny, cheap looking bronze color rather than the delicate, pretty pink tones you see around nowadays.

I was so lucky enough to have my pick of the website for the collab and this beautiful feather necklace (£35) and earrings (£45) stood out to me immediately – I just love how the colours look together.

It’s part of their Spirited Away Collection and also comes in a silver/gold colourway.

Silver and white diamonds are just the perfect match in my book and a classic combination that goes with anything. This square CZ solitaire ring (£35 in store) stood out to me straight away when I was in the store.

Though it does admittedly look very “engagement ring” esq, if you wear it on your middle finger like me it just makes a fabulous addition to your dress ring collection and is a lot cheaper and nicer quality than the very similar pandora ones! It’s such a lovely ring that only costs £35 and it looks really nice with other silver and CZ rings worn either on the same, or different fingers.


My H initial necklace (£35) is one of my favorite necklaces that I own – there’s something about the beautiful ornate font and larger size that makes it different to typical silver letter necklaces and at £35 I thought it was a good price for a necklace of its size and quality.

It’s currently sold out online but they have since started a new range of initial necklaces in gold which are big and slanty which are gorgeous – you can check them out here or have a look in store for one like mine next time you’re near.

Azendi have three stores in Yorkshire – Harrogate, Leeds and York. I’d definitely recommend popping in the next time you find one – after all, you may find your new favorite jewellery brand, just like I did.


H x


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