The 7 Best Places to go for Coffee in Sheffield City Centre

I’ve been an honorary Sheffielder for over five years now, and during that time I have sampled the delights of many cafes, bars, bistros that the city has to offer. And for a good while now I’ve wanted to eternalise the best places to go for coffee in Sheffield, here in a blog post so that natives, newbies and visitors to Sheffield alike can enjoy them, too. 

We are truly blessed when it comes to fabulous places to go for coffee in Sheffield. So without further ado, here’s my list of the best 7 coffee shops in and around Sheffield City Centre – think I’ve missed any? I’m always happy to add to this list – just hit me up in the comments section below.

1. Steam Yard

Anyone who follows me on Instagram will know that a weekend that goes by without me visiting Steam Yard is a rare occasion. It’s been my favourite coffee shop in Sheffield ever since I stumbled across it in my second year of uni when I used to work at Ark on Division Street.

What’s kept me coming back? Well their mocha is absolutely second to none and their selection of delicious baked goods is unbelievable – I have never once had something new and not enjoyed it.

The food too is delicious! It’s very typical cafe food, think sandwiches and paninis, but in an upmarket way with fancy ingredients and a bit of an overall hipster vibe – in a very, very good way.

Steam Yard have a bit of a thing about baked good hybrids – their cruffins (a croissant got it on with a muffin and this is the tasty result) are gorgeous but my favourite sweet treat has to be the cronuts (a cross between a donut and a croissant). They have super tasty toppings and a flavoured ganache in the middle. If you’re a chocolate lover like me, go for the “death proof” if they have it, or the “Ferrero”.

If I have food, I’ll usually go for the 3 cheese toasted sandwich – it’s everything it says on the tin, done really, really well. Delicious, thickly sliced bread, with amazing cheeses smushed in between. Yum!

Make sure you get down either mid-morning or after lunch is you visit on a weekend, as they can get super busy.

Visit Steam Yard’s website for their menus and opening times

2. Elm

Formerly called Upshot Espresso (the second of their two coffee shops), Elm is a relatively new addition to West Bar/Gibraltar Street – the area in between town and Kelham Island.

I’d always loved my visits to their original coffee shop on Glossop Road but as it’s always been the opposite end of town to where I’ve lived I didn’t get the chance to go that often.

Elm does beautiful coffee, delicious food as well as opening late into the evenings, offering small plates, pizza and organic wine.

I go for an oat milk latte with one of their amazing salted caramel brownies which is, by far, one of the best I’ve ever tasted. Their homemade cookies are incredible as well.

Elm has a lovely, laid-back vibe where you can sit by and watch the world go by out of its big, floor to ceiling length windows. I’ve spent many an afternoon on a weekend getting work done or reading a book there.

Visit Elm’s website for their menus and opening times.

3. Marmadukes

Marmadukes is an incredibly sweet little spot nestled in the very heart of the City Centre. They’re more of a deli than a straight up cafe, serving breakfast, brunch, lunch and coffee and sweet treats.

They’ve got more food options than some of the others on this list so are a good place to head if you’re intent on eating rather than just coffee-ing.

Their menu is very “typical breakfast/brunch” options (think, bacon sarnies, scotch pancakes, full English) but they’re made with quality, local ingredients and 100% pass the taste test from me. I often go here with my Dad when he visits, as he loves the full English and coffee.

Visit Marmaduke’s website for their menus and opening times.

4. The Grind Cafe

I LOVE The Grind Cafe and have done ever since I lived down the road from them in my student halls in my first year.

They’re based in Kelham Island and are the place to go if you want organic, wholesome food your delicious coffee.

They do an all-day breakfast menu on the weekends, as well as this beautiful display of fresh, healthy dishes of mixed salads, two of which you can choose with any other lunch main (smoked haddock, chilli bean casserole, freshly made quiche) as well as huge sausage rolls and things like brownies, blondies, cakes and more.

There are options if you’re feeling like staying healthy or divulging in a massive slice of cake and coffee. Definitely a must-visit.

Visit The Grind Cafe’s website for their menus and opening times.

5. Ink & Water

Ink and Water is a gorgeous little spot, tucked away from hustle and bustle of town just off West Street, in the West One Plaza.

It’s a great alternative to the busier, city centre cafes and does the same high quality, delicious coffee and selection of brownies, doughnuts, and more.

Though it looks small on the outside, it’s a little tardis that extends to two floors. Head upstairs to get lost in their huge chesterfield sofa, or sit in a spot of sun by the windows and watch the world go by.

Visit Ink and Water’s website for their menus and opening times.

6. Depot Bakery

I only discovered Depot Bakery around two years ago – hidden away a bit further into Kelham Island, it’s a short walk from town and resides in a gorgeous venue with high ceilings, long table and benches and hanging plants.

The best thing about Depot Bakery? The doughnuts. They actually supply many of the Sheffield coffee shops, Upshot included. They also do not one, but FOUR different kinds of hot chocolate (always a winner with me and my hot chocolate addict of a Mum!)

Visit the Depot Bakery’s website for their menus and opening times.

7. Tamper Coffee

Tamper’s coffee is excellent quality (just be sure to ask for it extra hot else it’s served a bit too lukewarm for my liking) but it’s a restaurant in its own right as well.

Visit there if you fancy a proper lunch. Their menu is big, filling and more “evening-y” than other brunch places.  I can’t recommend the bacon and cheese wedges enough, or any of the burgers. They are a little pricey, but they’re worth it.

Visit Tamper’s website for their menus and opening times.

So that’s it! The best places to go for coffee in Sheffield City Centre. Of course, there are many brilliant places in the outskirts that I’ve yet to discover as I live in the centre so if there’s anywhere i I simply MUST visit please let me know in the comments section below.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram if you don’t already for other Sheffield-based recommendations and my daily musings.

Until next time, fellow coffee addicts.

Hannah x


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