Here’s The Number One Thing You Need to Become a Successful Blogger or Influencer #AD

Hey guys,

Today I want to talk about the number one thing you need to become a successful blogger or influencer alongsid some beautiful images of my fave new skirt from Fashion World thrown in (#AD).

First things first, I want you to do this one thing for me for a second. 

At the minute, growing a following seems harder than resisting halloumi on a hangover yet I want you, right here, right now, to forget everything you THINK you know about how to become a successful blogger or influencer.

It truly feels like for myself and many of my blogging friends, growing our audience has been an uphill struggle. I know I’m not alone.

With the Instagram algorithm changing every two minutes and organic reach on all social media platforms being at an all-time low, you wouldn’t be human if at some time or other in your blogging career you’d thought…

“Just what exactly is the point?”

Skirt – Fashion World, Gnocci t-shirt – Classy Duds Leather Jacket – ASOS (old) Shoes – ASOS (old)

And yet even during these difficult times, there are countless bloggers and influencers who seem to defy the laws of poor engagement and be growing from strength to strength.

One question I have often asked myself is, “Is there a formula to becoming a successful blogger?” 

And in today’s post, I’m going to answer that whilst dispelling a few common myths about what it takes to be a blogger.

You can be successful whilst still hating flat lays 

There’s many traits that are considered typical of that blogger life, but none is quite to quintissential to blogging than the infamous flatlay. 

But what to use as accessories? Flowers, a must. Jewellery, perhaps. Some autumnal leaves plucked from your garden? An acorn? I once saw a blogger accessorise a flatlay with… A SPOON. Anything goes, people.

But if the thought of meticulously planning out “what’s inside my bag” or your favoruite breakfast bowl makes you shudder, fear not. As you absolutely do not need to conform to these “typically blogger” things if flatlays just aren’t for you.

Nor any other “typical blogger” thing for that matter. 

You can be successful without having 10,000 beautiful floral London backdrops at your disposal 

Now let’s be real, blogging can, at times feel like one big photography contest.

The standard is so high that I’ve often finished a pre-bedtime Instagram stroll feeling like I should probably quit whilst I’m (not so) ahead.

Similarly, if you don’t live in London and have access to some of the most beautiful backdrops for photos it can leave you feeling a bit uninspired. But on the contrary, I find that for my shoots, living in Sheffield means I have to work harder to be creative with photoshoots.

For example, the lovely Chloe Plumstead from The Little Plum makes her local Starbucks look f*cking AWESOME in her photos. See example below. 

People don’t always want to see the same photo outside Peggy Porschen cakes. And don’t think that living in the country or a less glamorous city excludes you from having an Instagram just as awesome as blogger who live in The Big Smoke.

One of the best examples of this is the lovely Bee from QueenBeady on Instagram. 

A fellow Yorkshire gal, she lives out in the country but has the DREAMIEST feed of all the things she loves – from fashion to winter walks, interiors travel and more. 

You can be successful without spending hundreds on fancy cameras and photography

One of the best parts about blogging is that it is SO accessible. It allows anyone and everyone to have a voice online. 

However, a common misconception I see from a lot of bloggers is that they think they need to spend £400 on an Olympus Pen to take good enough photos for their blog and Instagram account. 

It simply isn’t the case.

There are tones of bloggers and influencers out there who make a successful living out of taking photos on their phones.  THEIR PHONES PEOPLE. 

The absolute queen that is Lissy Roddyis perhaps the best example of this. She’s grown her following to half a million people (!!) through her unique sense of style AND she takes all her Instagram photos on. her. iPhone.

View this post on Instagram

Reflecting ✨

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She’s living proof that you don’t need to spend hundreds to achieve a killer presence on The Gram.

Similarly, many people can’t afford to pay a professional photographer for constant outfit pictures for their blog or Instagram.

I try to post on Instagram around five times a week and my theme requires me to post 3 consecutive photos of the same outfit from different angles/styles, so that would mean I’d need professional photographs of eight outfits a month, which could be done in about two photoshoots.

That would mean I’d have to spend hundreds of pounds on blog photos every month which is neither feasible nor sustainable.

Blogging has given me so many new friends that I just wouldn’t have emt otherwise and I’m eternally grateful. But the great thing is, you’re all in the same boat.

Organising a day out to shoot new outfit or collab pictures with oneanother is not only a super fun day out but a great way to get good photos from someone who understands why you might need to shoot the exact same photos but move your leg half an inch to the right!

FYI, the best way to meet blogger friends is by going to events in your area (search for regional or city-based Facebook groups for bloggers) or be brave and reach out to someone you follow in your area who also blogs to meet for a coffee. I can almost guranteed they’re not likely to say no!

The MOST important thing is to always BE YOURSELF

Though it can be tempting to copy the style of a big, successful and established blogger or influencer thinking that you can replicate their formula of success, it won’t work – and here’s why.

Because you’re not them.

Think how many people have copied Lydia from Fashion Influx’s unique style of taking outfit photos but they won’t reach the same levels of success because they’re simply not her – they’re now one of many who are copying her way of doing things.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s totally fine to take inspiration from other bloggers and influencers. But there’s a difference betwene taking inspiration and straight-up coopying.

But you need to find your own unique way of doing things, something that is completely you. And this doesn’t have to be something ground-breaking – it can be as simple as creating your own filter from scratch on VCSO like my lovely friend Shelley Morecroft does on her beautiful Instagram page

Now, when people see her posts they recognise them as being in her own, unique style.

Remember that, above all else, you are you, and that is your advantage.

The number one thing you need to be a successful blogger or influencer is to be completely, unapologetically YOURSELF. No one else, not the woman you THINK you ought to be, not the woman you WISH you were, but the woman you are.

People follow people for people just as much as they follow them for cute outfits or envious travel pictures.

A bit like dating, it may be the slick theme that attracts their attention but it’s your personality that’ll make them stay.

It’s worth noting as well that success is subjective. It’s important to think about what blogging success looks like to you. What it looks like to you will be miles away from what it may look like to someone else.

Is it getting things gifted from brands? Being invited to awesome events? Making money? There’s always so much emphasis on the latter that I think we forget, not everyone wants to become a blogger or influencer purely because of the money that can be made.

For me, through the money is great, I started blogging because I wanted a creative outlet on the internet. I LOVE writing and I adore the creative side of picking outfits to shoot or filming IGTV videos.

I’ve also made some of my best friends through blogging. It’s opened up a world of opportunities for me, in terms of graduate jobs, other opportunities and even clients now that I am a freelance writer and marketer full-time.

Similarly, success to you may not be about hitting a certain number of followers on Instagram.

You can make good money from your blog with a small but engaged following, and brands are increasingly looking to the power of using “micro-influencers” (influencers with a small but very engaged niche following) to promote their products.

Whatever success looks like to you, the most important thing is to be raw, be real, and above all else, be yourself. Post consistent, high-quality content that your audience will engage with and relate to and I promise you, in time, you will get there.

Until next time, thanks for reading my loves.

Hannah x 

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